Sunday, July 30, 2006

Siang's and Joanne's.

surprise party at Laundry, for SerSiang and Joanne.
Siang's sweet sixteen is so sweet and definitely a memorable one for him.he got girls leaving lipmarks(kisses with lipstick) on the board which says "Happy Sweet Sixteen" for him.Even JoeShen kissed the board,with lipstick of course (his lips were bigger then the rest!).how nice.

Joanne had her Funky Fifteen.
she's still youngg.

Grace brought her Miyako to Laundry.Miyako is from Japan.She's so nice, she wrote Happy Birthday to SerSiang in Japanese.Heard Grace had been bringing her to Sunway Lagoon, KLCC etc.Bet she's having a good time and im pretty sure Grace is a very nice host. *cough*YUSZEN*cough*

Jane was saying "Aishiteru"(i love you in Japanese) to Miyako most of the time. i thought she looked rather adorable.

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Grace . Miyako . MengLeong

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Jebat and Adrian's face got cut=p.

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Cheryl !thumbs up for her!=D


Ashton is the host of an Italian guy.His name is Machello.He loves football and was really disappointed that Ashton doesnt. Fortunately he got a football-loving dude to rescue him. Had arranged to play footie with him. i know he's looking forward to it. i am as well.

shall post up the picture of me and him as soon as i get hold of it.

Till then, Ciao and Sayonara=).


Ethan said...

Not bad. :D

MengLeong said...

haha what not bad?

Jehc said...

Ciao means hello. Ciao buon is goodbye. :))

MengLeong said...

eh jesse.
machello sed ciao means hello and goodbye.
who cares?
maybe italians do:]

Ethan said...

i thought it's Marcello? Not Machello?

MengLeong said...

oppsie.i think i left out the "r"

Ong Khy Li said...

You know something... I kinda find it LAME!! The Jane part to be more specific.. Just because you can say "I love you" in Jap it doesn't mean you should go on saying that all the time just caise there's a Jap girl around. Doesn't make sense.. They'll think you're a FOOL!!! As do I!!

MengLeong said...

haha but i dun think Miyako thinks that way.
im pretty sure Miyako accepts it without having bad thoughts on Jane