Friday, July 14, 2006

Saving Me - Nickelback

My class, 4 Cengal, got a new trainee teacher, Miss Charity, who will be teaching us English.
She'll be taking over Pn Mag, probably loosing some burden for her, as she got married(plus she should be thinking of conceiving babies).So, yeah.

Miss Charity is the sister of a girl in form4, Charis. When she announced that my jaw when wide open.hahaha.then she went:

"I know some of you guys got blog.I read Yong Meng & Meng Leong's"

my eyes went O.O[i mean its kinda odd to have your english teacher reading your blog right?]
but I have no complains as she is really friendly.Treating us like younger sisters and brothers.Then she offered her MSN contact so we can ask stuffs if we've got doubts and all.but she had only one rule,

"Don't ask me answers for the homeworks ar"

haha how nice of her.


guess what Lisa Ann Boudville is back!
but she's leaving back to Aussie Land this Sunday morning.

However, i got to meet her today.SerSiang and I are suppose to go at 2pm.I told him i got no transport, so he said he could fetch me.But during recess time he found out that he got Accounts tuition till 4pm if im not mistaken[he's interested in Finance].So i had some difficulties going but i did manage to show up though.

we had nicee ice-cream sitting at Lecka-Lecka catching up news.aah its nice to meet up with Lisa=).

Lisa's mom wants Lisa to get a Malaysian husband,but they migrate to Australia hoping Lisa to marry a ironic is that=p?Well her parents did make some sense by saying "Well if cant get a Malaysian boyfriend, at least an Asian" ;)

She's eye-ing some Korean dude now;).All the best!haha.
Asian's are so preserved which is good in some sense.

then i got to leave cause i had Add Maths tuition,which means i won't be able to join them for dinner(they're having a dinner with all our close friends there)

its nice to see you back on Malaysia soil again although you just drop by for 2 weeks=\
anyway so long Lisa!till Dec or maybe July next year!


Speaking of tuition, you think of education, you think of your future.
well most of us are clueless what are we gona be when we grow up, but some had all well planned.For example:

  1. Chern Jie
    -his mom had planned everything so well.His brother is doing ChemicalEngineering and him doing some engineering asses.
  2. Ser Siang
    -he need not worry la.he's living an opulent life and everything is well taken care for him.He's interested in finance anyway.

well for my brother, i think he's interested in Medicine.While for me, i think im really interested in Hospitality and Tourism.Hotel Management, Culinary Dining, etc..i like!

actually my interest is:

  • sports
  • geography
  • food

Have any idea any career that will suit my interest most?tell me if you do!


Oh its 15th July.

Happy Birthday Ethan.

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yea, its him again.


Thanks Vincent for the spike shoe.
It's perfect.
Sports Day, here i come.


wEngfAi said...

Ethan got owned.

Danieltan said...

"I know some of you guys got blog.I read Yong Meng & Meng Leong's"

rofl. I can imagine her saying this.
She also says stuff like soften your voice.

MengLeong said...

yaa when she mentioned that i was really shocked.haha

..::maymay::.. said...

hey...honestly..if ur thinkin of gettin into hospitality and tourism..

i'll advice u not to...

first of all..u work till LATE at nite..and u get minimal pay for it..

u cant really haf a happy happy family...coz u cant spend quality time wit them..

udont haf holidays..coz its during the holidays where u haf to work ur ASS off..

and its a REALLY stressful...REALLY!!...there's lots to worry bout..

but if ur really interested and all..then go ahead larh..if u can enjoy ur job..all the above wont really matter..=]

MengLeong said...

hmm good points mayee.
i'll think about it.

Jon Cox said...
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Jon Cox said...


Lisa smiles said...

=) hahaa the image of you that will be stuck in my head until I see yas again will be one in the baby pink shirt =p Takes a real man to wear pink eh. ; ) ciao bella

MengLeong said...

haha lisa;)

SianG said...

Erm I also want to be a pilot and lawyer..None have any relation with bio

Ml i think u should be like chern jie father..geophysis..sumthing liddet relation with geografi

MengLeong said...

waa chernjie one study gila..
im not the study type la..
hmm see how la.