Saturday, July 22, 2006

For You I Will.

22nd July.
My Papa's birthday.


but what the hell, this 22nd July is one of the most busy day i've been through.
for the past few days my head was all on running and our LEO's Installation.

D-busy Day.
in the morning, im suppose to go for scout meeting, but it was just impossible because i got to set up the whole hall for our installation.

i didnt had time for lunch, but Kar May was so kind she offered me a few slices of nice of her=)

Installation happened just like whoo-osh.its over.i barely had a time to rest my ass, like most of the BODs. Special thanks to Joanne, Wei Jing and Grace, thanks a lot and not to forget the rest of the Board of Directors as well. I would also wana thank the new members for co-operating with me, trying their best not to let me down.Thanks a whole lot.

Actually, im suppose to attend football training at 3pm. As the organising chairperson, no way i can do so, as my installation ends at 4pm. Plus, i got to clean up and make sure everything is in order.

So, i reached home around 5pm. My family went outstation to celebrate my Papa's birthday.I felt really bad.Since Form3's holiday season, i didnt join my family for vacation as i was working. Now, i feel that i did not spend enough time with my family, as in neglecting my family. I will try avoid working end of this year. Not sure though, we'll see how.


but hey, i've got a pool party to attend later on.
it was a surprise for Yien-Yien, but her birthday is 3rd of August. Despite celebrating so early for her, we've got no choice as we couldnt have the party on the following weekends.

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MengLeong and TheDiva

the water was freezing cool.bla bla played water polo and some 007 game.

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let's get it on.

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shy dina=)

since we had lots of topless guy around, they planned to have some "Manhunt" photoshoot-out.
but since PORNSTAR wasnt taking photo with us, he declared it was just "Boyhunt" cause without him, it wouldnt be "Manhunt"...haih, that PORNSTAR.

theres lots more pic, i'll upload them as soon as i get them from Jesse.

here's one shot of me

[yes i know i know its ugly]

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Boyhunt wanabe Manhunt(Weng Fai should be the winner as he did the winning pose*peace*)

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"Boyhunt" ehh correction. "Manhunt"(cause pornstar is in it.)

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i swear ZacVin was touching YuSzen(note i cut my finger against rusted steel)

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haha thirsty?

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Good shot!hahaha.

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Holyvin and MengLeong

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Take Your Pick.

then nigel and jebat played the guitar and sang to entertain us.i could see the girls melting before him as Cheryl quoted.

"ehh Jessica, if you dont want him, i want. all of us wanttt."


then, Stephanie was asking YongMeng to learn from Nigel.

"YongMeng!Stop swimming!Quit ur swimming class,kungfu class etc.Go for guitar lessonss."

haha a girlfriend's demand.


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me with the ball Hsian Lee gave to me.

we play around, then sang birthday song.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting is dina and weikit doing behind?)

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we guys get easily excited by girls.

i think i had gastic cause today i didnt really eat proper staple food.

"Due to the excessive amount of hyrochloric acid, severe pain of a specific organ of our digestive system which is the stomach may occur which is addressed as gastric caused by irregular diet but it can be treated by drinking the milk of magnesia"

ignore me.i dont know why i typed er general information.


my favourite person today got to be Cheryl Lee Phaik Inn.
haha she've got biteable cheeks and she's one girl u can talk with and laugh the whole day=)

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cheryl . yien also known as ketchup queen and french queen.^^

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3 guys and the French and Ketchup Queens.

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group picturee.


Y i C h I n G said...

The picture isn't ugly.
It is uber hooooot.
Remember ... on a scale of 1 to 10 ... you get 11 !
It's an achievement. =)

Wateva larh, you look hotter than Khy Li.
His well defined abs are becoming ... not so well defined any more. =]

MengLeong said...

haha thats not very nice to address ur korkor.=p

Ethan said...

Eh, remember this? "Eh, the chair very noisy laa." Classic man, classic.

MengLeong said...

haha yes yes!^^

Y i C h I n G said...

He calls me faaaaat!
Now is that niceeee ??
I am considered very nice cos all I said was that it isn't as well defined as before. =]

MengLeong said...

haha elder brother.
hey, and your not fat:)

kikie* said...

ehh i'm having a hard time deciding who's a better pornstar.
you or ethan?

that waterfall-ish picture could go in some calendar...
posted in MY room.x]

MengLeong said...

haha me a pornstar?
dont think i deserve that honour.
ethan should keep that title.

thefrenchketchupqueens said...

haha thnx for cmin to the party...hope u had fun:)

MengLeong said...

yes i did had a good time

SianG said...
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Dina said...

Meng Leong and 6 packs.


Zac Vin and his 8 packs which he left it at home (:


MengLeong said...

that regular excuse:p

f o x y . said...

EIH Stupid Jesse go and send my pictures grr.

Anyway I got more pictures HEHEHEHEHEHE.

Jehc said...


MengLeong said...

im sure hweeching din mean it.
jesse sent me a few pics only.

Jehc said...


..::maymay::.. said...

oh..thankz to joanne..thankz to wei jing..thankz to grace...

and may ee is shit larh issit now??!!! LUM MENG LEONG!!!...

i HATE U!!....>=[

MengLeong said...

i did mention otherr BOD memberss.
means i din left u out:]

Ethan said...

I saw a VERY nice name there. :D

MengLeong said...

is it regarding the "40KM" hike, Ethan?

Anonymous said...

GOOD ONE! Impressed... wow gold opportunity.

Ethan said...

Haha, Yeah. :D