Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Eat my words, I hate 14th of Febuary, as far as I lived.
Maybe I would learn to like them in the future, but definitely not now, nor previously.

I hate the feeling of hating this.
I need a girlfriend.


Yi Ming said...

i'm a lurker. Hi.

I hate Valentines.....LASJFKALSJLASF.

Bye. I'm gonna continue lurking.

kikie* said...

you ain't the only one who doesn't fancy this day. =[

and thanks a bajillion for the lil marshmells! v thoughtful. IOU kay? cookies awaiting youuu. hehe.

Chingy -* said...

Thanks for the marshmallows which i just recieved today ! =D

I got you stuffs from interact but they were confiscated or something i heard. =(

leemin said...

I hate Valentines too! i need a boyrfrienddddddd

MengLeong said...

yi ming : hi, and thanks for dropping by:)

kikie : yay cookies!(:

chingy : welcome;). got confiscated?not fair not fair:(

leemin : leemin, jom?hahahaha

Justin said...

despo..chill man its just 24 hours...im just as single as u...dun worry