Monday, February 12, 2007

5 Cengal's Drama.

Inter-class drama competition in conjunction of Curiculum and Anti-Drug Week.

Yes I know, you might think we are not the sexiest, the sluttiest(HAHA DAMN, SAIMUN), or whatever you wana add,
But we won!

For Balau, I know it feels shittie not clinching at least 1st runner up.
Well, at least most of us thought you guys deserve so.

The drama victory was all good thanks to the dedicated members of 5 Cengal, and "Josh".

Hi "Joshhhhhhhhh".
(i know, this picture of "josh" freaks me out too)


Chingy -* said...

Once again, OH EM EFF GEE is all I am saying.


congrats anyway tiger. =D

SianG said...

We definitely deserve first not even 1st runner up

MengLeong said...

ching : =P

siang : relax la, not like u all lost a bid on 1 million cash prize rightt.

kikie* said...

kudos to you bimbim! you definitely deserve the best performer award. GUTS man.

picturing you in that outfit plus a SWAN bag....


damn. tummy stitch of the year.

lynnie beanie said...

well meng leong....

u look good when u are a nerd..
and u actualy managed to beat our hot nurse and elvis..

so oh well..
congrats.... 'josh'