Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Did I mention anything bout my mom's driving earlier?
She gets your heart pumping hard everytime.
Not because her driving is exciting, but its scary.

I experienced an accident this morning on my way to school.


I was fixing the radio, then bang!

*my bro took the picture for insurance purpose.

If you were wondering, what caused the crack,
Its my head.

That answers why my head ache this morning.
And it still hurts.

Wow, a bang and I still get to keep my head.



and ouch.


kikie* said...

my my...that's one tough coconut you have there, bimbim! :P

kikie* said...

that should say "coconut head". no just coconut. my bad!

SianG said...

Pain Is

♥Ŵēęňīʼnx♥ said...

You have one tough head tiger.

debra fong said...

that crack looked like when my brother hit the screen when there was a mosquito flying in the car

nicci said...

haha x)
You're not alone. :P
that happened to my sister before.
it was amazing how she cracked it with her 3 year old head.

The Nemeshuan said...

Errr, Proton Wira?

Chingy -* said...

someone else calls you tiger tooooo?
anyway .. doesn't your head just hurt?

MengLeong said...

kirsten : tough?pain ler:b!

sersiang : i don't really think its pleasurable..haha

weeninx : im sorry you are..?

debra : ya come ask ur bro come hit the windscreen again.

nicci : 3 year old head?gosh!still fragile kan?

nemeshuan : yeap wira.

yiching : noo!yes it hurts=_=