Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Lets do a little recap on the year that has passed, 2006.
A brief one.

  • I started the year at KL, along with SerSiang, Jade, HweeChing, Steph, Dina and her parents.
  • Struggle a bit with Form4 syllabus, cause was pretty clueless that time.
  • Got much closer to the Cengal boys, WeiKit, Ethan. Excluded YongMeng and KitWeng cause I know them well enough.
  • Got to know a friend that I never regret knowing. Kirsten:) .
  • Was a flop at Merentas Desa, had stomach upset. I know this year wouldn't be much different:(.
  • Went Klang for MSSS Softball, major fun:) .
  • Had an enjoyable Chinese New Year with Thian Hong around, with him finishing the cookies, fried "nga ku" etc. aha. But I'm still looking forward to this year's Chinese New Year.
  • Participate at Nike's Joga Bonito campaign with Khairil and Basil.
  • Thought DJ LEO's IU at Royale Bintang Hotel was a BLAST.
  • Got myself into one of the most laughable thing you can ever come across, Mickymitez.
  • Walked 40km in around 12 hours.
  • Got closer to Yi Ching and I forgotten how and why but we started calling each other tiger and tigress?haha:)
  • Helped 4 Cengal in promoting our Ball Stall. Gosh. haha
  • World Cup World Cup!
  • Had more pool parties.
  • Dynamitez did a great job but only manage to clinch 1st runner-up.
  • Had closer bonding with my scouts friends.
  • Emerged Champions 3 times in 3 different futsal tournament?:b
  • Did not make an impact during Sports Day. I'm still not over it.
  • So many friends migrate overseas:(.
  • Shock of the year : Steve Irwin and Mohd. Merah passed away / Zidane head-butted Materazzi.
  • Had a kinky birthday celebration at Dina's house. Pretty much thanks to Steph and Nat ;) .
  • Thought I fell for her, but nothing happened. Heaven knows when my time will come?
  • Drive a car and ride a motorcycle for the first time.
  • Got a job at Burberry, which I take pleasure of.
  • Ended the year in WengFai's condo, Bukit Utama.

But hows 2007 gonna treat us?
We're gonna find out ourselves.


kikie* said...

beeen awesome having you as my buddy, bimbim.
love ya sayang!!!

MengLeong said...

luv u tooo

Y i C h I n G said...

tiger !