Thursday, January 18, 2007

am i on the right track?

School school school.

Time management is very crucial, as I have plenty of stuffs running on my mind. Sometime, I get a little frustrated.

When I'm frustrated, I eat.
When I eat, I grow fat.
When I grow fat, I'll not be able to find a girlfriend.
When I do not find a girlfriend, I'll be a virgin till I'm six feet under.

I don'tttt wanna be frustrated!


Okay I hate to say this, but yeah, we Form 5s are gonna face SPM end of this year, and I have to rub it in that this is our last and final year there as well.

So many tasks to handle, so many things bothering my thought.

MSSD Athletics, Softball, Football, Volleyball,...
The annual cross-country, KL marathon, Sports Day..
Choir, Leo happenings,....
  • 4x100m with Justin, Khairil and Basil, 4x400m with Justin, Yong Meng and dono who. Sweeet.
  • Softball!wooo the game thats filled with memorable moments. Looking forward to MSSS as well.
  • Its been years I've been playing with Basil, Khairil, Daniel and many others. And I love and enjoy every moment of it. Hoping to clinch something this year, but no high hopes.
  • Training since Std6, the lack of a first 6-team, makes me hard to leave this game behind. Sad to say there's a great possibility of MSSD Softball clashing with MSSD Volleyball. How now brown cow?=\
  • Like I've said, I think I'm gonna screw up for Cross Country. But God knows what's in store for me. Or what I've in store for my dear competitors>=).
  • Omg Leo Forum! IU day! excellent babyyy.
  • The thought of Sports Day is making me have butterflies in the stomach.
Anyway my head has not exploded yet.

Cause of all these shit, a Nike Free 5.0 would be fantastic. SerSiang, willing to donate yours to this poor fella?=p

Veryy soon, SPM Trials.
Then, a blink of an eye, SPM.

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