Saturday, August 25, 2007

DU Community Futsal Tournament.

Today we took part in an open category futsal tournament organized by DU Community and TAMERA.
The Flying Donkeys(TFD) didn't clinch the Champions title this time. During the finals, Lady Luck wasn't with us and we only appear 2nd best after the finals. We lost 2-1. I believe we could have overcome that team easily, but all said and done.

I'm feeling kinda sick now.
Fever-ish and sore throat.
Shyte. I'm not done with my trials yet=(.

Well feast your eyes with the pictures :

Getting into the court.

MengLeong & BoonLeong.

"Girls, hit me, I'm single" haha.


"You want a ride with me girls?"

Taklimat Session.

Taking Shots.

Jose Daniela knows WaiHong-The-Friendly-Bull is stimulated by blue towels.

"I'm TFD's Goal-Scoring-Machine babyyyy"

Basil's the master, haha.

Let's get started.


Eh picnic?:D

Khairil & Liza. Sweet couple:).

Perky Smile by CheeYen-The-Cheerleader. haha

"We present to you, JEHC"

Thumbs Up!


Sweating After Match ;


Flashy Smile.

They are the Tan Brothers...not.

Preparing for the finals.

Prize presenting ceremony.

Look at how small the trophy is..=_=

Harith is running out of ideas on how to pose with that mini trophy, lol.

Harith is in 7th heaven.Don't you think Sarah looks abit like HANNAH TAN?Coincidently she's in all white, HannahT's favourite colour (and mine too:p).Hot stuff;).

Jesse where did you learn how to pose like that? o.o

The Flying Donkeys with girlfriend/friends. We'll be hungry for more competition!

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