Saturday, August 18, 2007

A Week Break!

Yes, a week break!
How pleasant!

Figuring Bio, Chemistry and Physics' Paper 2 are over, some burden are definitely lifted off our shoulders!

Sorry for the lack of update and I know most of you are so damn sick coming to my blog and seeing the Sport's Day post.haha.

Anyway, today I attended Damansara Utama's Interact Installation at KBU College.
Before that, I went to 1U with
Khairil, Harith, and PakSen.
Cause Khairil needs to meet up with Liza The Sayang and friends.haha.

There you go, the lovebirds.

Yippee Cup.

Ok back on the installation.
The turnout was good, the atmosphere was cool, the attendance was excellent, the food was not bad, the emcee err...some other performances er....
BUT not


Its not exactly very eventful, but there are definitely gorgeous looking people there!
No doubt!

However its RM15 for a hall which is air-conditioned, pop corns, tables and proper food, its not too bad I supposee.
AND PRETTY GRAND for Installation don't you think so?


The Theme.

Daniel was suppose to be at his *MATHS tuition class.

one of the err...performances.

PakSen has a red star at his face BUT FADED la. Or is it just a hint for girls to blow kisses to him?haha.


Meet my friend, ISHNEE!She likes to RABA RABA as you can see, hahaha ;)

Ain't she gorgeous?:)

YiChing !

Ishnee the raba-raba girl:D.ahaha.

*feed me with more pictures pls!

Khairil and I called for a cab and we waited at Mc Donalds. Guess who turned up? WenKen Andrew Bryan Chris Daley and Shawn. So we asked them to drop us back home and they did. Haha thanks man. Off they went to Andrew's place to play poker, lol. Oh and WenKen will be leaving for U.S. next week, so we're arranging a futsal match between TFD & RVN.

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