Friday, July 20, 2007

My Last & Final Sports Day.

So hows everything for me?

Sports Day was great. As the captain of Kesatria, to ALL Kesatria members, thank you for contributing the greatness we've achieved so far. Everyone of you made the difference. Too bad, luck wasn't on our side, as we came up short. It was so close really.

I'm absolutely amazed by the spirit of competition portrayed by every house this year. However I can't avoid saying that I'm utterly impressed and proud of the Kesatria Athletes, Marchers, & Cheerleaders. I see hard work in progress, sweat and everything.

If possible, I would like to mention everyone's name but there's too many. However, Kesatria was so lucky as 2 of the best female sprinters in SMKDJ is in Kesatria. None other than Li Wei & Yasmine. Speaking pf impressive sprinter, how can I miss out Ariff. Most of you are still young and plenty more awaiting you guys in the future. All the best then. Thanks for those who helped out for the flag/banner/bunga manga, supported me.

My flag drew by Yung Tyng. Painted by MengLeong & Co. Nice right?

Great shot by Luke.

Its just my nature to be disappointed when I feel like that I let others down, So that's how I felt at the end of the day.

So the final standing ;
#1 Hebat
#2 Kesatria
#3 Maju
#4 Berjaya
#5 Unggul

We could have got 1st place so easily. But due to the many unfortunate circumstances.


Check this picture out.

Its me, finishing 3rd in the final event, 4x400m. Which means Hebat won it by slightest margin. As you can see, I'm running my ass off and SerSiang can be seen overjoyed at the bottom left corner of the picture. A picture speak a thousand words.

That's Christina in yellow, the girl who owned the rest in 800m!Christina, I'm very proud of you!

I'm happy I see determination in the eyes of the Kesatria athletes as they hunger for more in the years to come.

Anyway another achivement - Kesatria emerged as Champions for Semangat DJ-ian hahahaa.COOL RIGHT.

I would like to HONOUR the Gold Medalists by listing them out;

L3 Lontar Peluru - Ariff
L3 1500m - Swimmer Dude(sry i forgot his name)
P3 Lompat Jauh - Wan Anis Yasmine
P3 100m - Wan Anis Yasmine
P3 200m - Wan Anis Yasmine
P3 4x100m - Yasmine, Jun Ning, Pei Yee(did i spell it right?), Sher Lin
L2 Lontar Peluru - Law En Lerk
P2 800m - Christina Teh
P2 Lompat Jauh - Teh Li Wei
P2 100m - Teh Li Wei
P2 200m - Teh Li Wei
P2 4x100m - LiWei, SaraPang, Alia & SueAnn
P1 1500m - Chu Yen
P1 4x400m - Patrina, Chu Yen, LeePing & Michelle

This year's special, the title for Sukantara's shared by 2 Houses due to the same collection of points.

Very well done:).

Kesatria Marching Squad.


So, wondering how did Meng Leong perform this year?
Not too impressive, but I tried my best and I can say I'm proud of myself.

200m - 4th [25.7sec]
Basil & I at our disappointing 200m race.
400m - 2nd [59sec] - SILVER
800m - 3rd [3min 26sec] - BRONZE
4x100m - 2nd [49.8] - SILVER
4x400m - 3rd [?] - BRONZE

*pictures might be uploaded.(aliff can send?)

I'm just a runner who can't run.


Watch out for next year's KESATRIA!

Its your turn next year Patrina
So, lose some weight will ya? :)

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