Friday, July 13, 2007


As most of you know , yesterday was a pre-sports day also known as, Saringan Day. I was suppose to take part in 200m, 400m & 800m that day.

I'm not the best of athletes.
Just a runner who can't run.

I've got Bronze for 800m.
3rd for 200m & 1st for 400m in my respective hits.

We were posing for the camera for a "wear-the-spikes" session. others were..random haha.

400m, 4x100m & 4x400m shall be decided next week on the actual Sport's Day.
However, I was more than impressed with the athletes from Kesatria.
They did absolutely well.

All goes well, till I witness something that I would never want to happen.
Ariff dislocated his left wrist, due to a bad fall in his 100m race.
What the heck, he was trashing to rest of the L3 dudes in that race, but his body leaned too forward and he went down, real hard.

That's Ariff right before he fell. Pictures from Aliff

Ariff,its just saringan, you shouldn't over-strain yourself!

Ahhhh, I saw his hand, it was very disturbing.
& I thought the PBSM or St. John could have moved in a better pace and do a better job instead.

That's Ariff's hand. Saw the bone?

Later on, we informed his dad and he came to pick Ariff up, and straight to Damansara Specialist Hospital. He undergo surgery at 7pm yesterday. He has 3 metal rods in his left hand right now.
Eh, means the magnet can get attracted to your hand?haha.

Anyway, get well soon you tough boy, as how your friends described you.
Here's a little tribute to you.

His beloved spike shoe.

He's the tall dude in the middle,
yes I know he's one admirable athlete at heart.

Ariff is in no condition to compete on Sports Day.

I felt for him really, he wanted to win the Olahragawan title so badly.
He could easily claimed the Olahragawan title if he was in good shape.

His absence will be a great loss to Kesatria and his 4x100m team, definitely.
There goes Kesatria's gold medalist.

The current standing ;

And it shall be finalize and decided on Sport's Day!

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