Friday, June 29, 2007

Taman SEA's Sports Day / Sony Ericsson z610i Up For Sale!

Today was...kinda weird.

Taman SEA invited our school(SMKDJ) to take part in their Larian Jemputan 4x200m.
So the same gang, Justin Basil Khairil and myself are in the team.
Eager to take part, but we guys did not train what so ever before this because we were busy with tuition and activities.


So today we gather at school early in the morning to settle our homework stuffs and so on, then waited for Mr. K to settle his office work/school matters.

We spent hours waiting in the canteen, waiting for Mr. K while Khairil and Basil indulge in the roti canai.


Khairil called his friend from Taman SEA, enquiring what time will our event be. She mentioned it would take place at 9.30am.

With the sense of urgency, we rushed Mr. K so he could ferry us to Taman SEA. Mind you, the clock shows that it is 9.33am already.

Khairil's friend was calling us , saying we should be there already to lapor diri and all.
So as Mr. K drove the car into Taman SEA school, we rushed out of his car and run to the starting line with our school bags in front of the Taman SEA spectators, hahahaha.

"Inilah Budak-Budak DJ"

Then we instantly change to our running attire and move to the track.

Taman SEA's coach giving a short briefing before the run.
(pictures courtesy of Melanie)


Justin's the first runner, Basil second, I'm third and Khairil the last runner.

Justin started the run despite injuring his ankle days before.

Justin trying out with the starting block.


Justin started..with full burst of energy, but as he run pass the turning, he fell!
The whole crowd went,
The turn is extremely sharp, you can't blame him.

When he fell I instantly thought,
"Wah GG la, confirm last place ledi"
cause the gap with the second last was pretty big!

Fortunately, Basil manage to close up the gap, and as I received the baton, I almost fall down at the sharp turning too, but I manage to cut a runner.

Later on, was Khairil's turn to continue the run and he manage to beat another dude, resulting a third placing for us.

3rd placing for the team who arrived late/ didn't warm up/ had an injured runner/ had a runner who fell down in the race, not too bad la right?:p

We definitely would beat the other team if Justin didn't fall down!

Justin receiving treatment from the bad fall.

DJ and Taman SEA athletes.


Right after that was prize presentation. I likey the medal.

Justin the Injured but Sexy 1st Runner.

Basil the Lazy/Slumber 2nd Runner.hahaha.

MengLeong the Fat 3rd Runner:D.

Khairil the Speedy Gonzalez/ 4th runner.

Not long later, we headed off. It felt as if we went to the school, take their medal and ran off, haha.

But we did manage to meet up with some of our Taman SEA mates, nice seeing you all:).

Oh oh and I manage to witness Rina run, she was owning the rest of the girls in 200m, as expected haha.

After that, Justin stayed back to catch up with his Taman SEA friends, Khairil and Basil went home, while I returned to class for Chemistry and Biology lesson, haha.

So that kinda wraps up what happened in the morning, so till the next time, See ya:).



Do you adore Sony Ericsson phones?

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