Monday, June 04, 2007

Leo Forum at Penang

Friday, June 1st. 36 DJians armed with dangerous weapons(luggage, pillow and soft toy) boarded up a bus at 5am and head straight to Penang.

Forum was bad. Minus the fact that we spent time with our friends and receiving awards. Thankfully there's a circle of friends there so it isn't that bad and all.

Hats down for Shwu Meei, the awards are the result of her great reports.

You think we had good food there? Definitely not.
We were fed with awful food catering. The soup was like, plain water and a whole lot of pepper? We didn't even have the time to walk out and try out Penang hawker food=_=.

Most of the time were spent listening to speeches but mostly are gambling, haha.

Speaking of gambling, Roshern is freaking good!
By starting with just RM19, he could earn up to RM70 just like that.
Luck must be pouring on him. The best part is, he wins consistently!


On the first day, we're were suppose to listen to some long speech despite being exhausted from the fact we travelled.

Later on, its Fellowship Night. We were suppose to do a parade from Evergreen Hotel to some place I've no idea where it is, which I thought is a rather waste of time.

Some people were in their formal wear, guys in suits and girls on heels walking a distance?
Torture!Approaching the place where we're suppose to have our dinner.


Watch several performances, as many interesting things happened.

The drum performance was impressive!


The next day was the opening ceremony and others, we skipped that and turned up only during lunch time and got screwed for that. Erm, we've got a free badge then, how bad was the screwing, hahaha.

"What 'car' is not a vehicle? The answer is Wai 'Kar' -_-", quoted by Wai Kar herself. Could you see Lion Christopher taking a nap at the back of me?:p

Us with the awards, and more awards awaiting us as night falls. :D

Back to the hall for awards presentation and DJ swiped a handful of awards. There are
  • Top Club Award
  • Top President Award - Yew Weng
  • Top Treasurer Award - Wei Jing
  • Outstanding Secretary Award - Shwu Meei
  • Outstanding Leo Award - Sher Rin
  • Outstanding New Leo Award - Lee Keng
  • Outstanding Leo Advisor - Lion Christopher
  • Outstanding Faculty Advisor - Pn. Ng Yoke Chan
  • 100% Club Award
  • 14 other Outstanding Projects Award
DJ owned :D!

After that was Banquet Night.
Dresscode was Shanghai-themed clothing or Formal wear.

That's me trying to strike an "emo" pose, obviously I failed=p.


The Leos who attended the forum!
(Sarah+Ching+MayEe) wasn't in it because they have yet to arrive:p

The Boys.
Yee Wei , Lee Keng , Candice & Wai Kar.

3 of the 8 dishes served for dinner.


Some of the pictures I've collected.

Roshern , Joanne, May Ee, Wei Jing and Grace.

Mr. Raj and Ms. Pereira

"Wanna fight ar? I'm Hang Jebat!" =p

Meet Weng Fai a.k.a. Bobo

Hwee Ching checking out hot guys?haha.

Lawrence and JingChen followed the theme really well.

11 of the 15 BODs who turned up for forum.

Look, its Yew Weng receiving the Top Club Award!

The whole group! :D

C'mon, check him out, he's so cool and all. He's single girls.

Bobo the Pornstar, haha.

In my room, Grace was working on her masterpiece(a cup of coffee that tasted more like plain water)=p


On the final day, its kinda sad everything passed so fast and we've got to say goodbye.
We listened to a talk named "Dare To Fail".

Although most people were too exhausted due to short hours spent sleeping, I've got to say the talk was rather interesting!:D

But some couldn't stand it and took a nap instead

and Jesse is very handy when it comes to handling girls' belongings.

got to know this sweet Form4 girl, Candice Sow ; ). Her name says it , Candice is sweeet .

I've got to bend down to take a picture with Lay Shu, Haha! =p


Candice, Joanne, HweeChing, Lee Keng didn't follow the bus trip home because they're going back on their own.

So, we left Penang Island at around 3.30pm.

Who knows we will reach back school at 1am?!
9 hours + ride!

Thanks to the heavy traffic and to make things worst, the bus over-heated so Mr. Bus Driver off the air-con.

ps: Sarah, my leg didn't hurt at all, no worries;)

Quite tired as we reached home. *yawns.


Sabrina said...

Congrats with all the awards LEO won! :)

Ocean's 13, shall we?

debra fong said...

Someone finally posted about this year's forum!
I was dying to read about a post on that.


Anwyays,THANK GOD i didn't go for Forum this year.
Last year's looked so much better!

Ethan said...
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Ethan said...

Mahai Weng Fai trying to copy me. Fag. :D

MengLeong said...

Debra :

Yes last year's forum was wayy better according to most people.

The food was awful!

yingxian said...

hahaha! my dog! :D

Li May said...

it's abit too late but..i'm gonna say it anyways.
congrats to ur leo club! :)