Monday, June 18, 2007

SMKDJ (TFD) vs. Sri Inai Beaconhouse

We, The Flying Donkeys played a friendly futsal match against Sri Inai at their school. The weather was unforgivingly hot. On top of thatm we won the match, which ended 3-0.

We played on a decent court with referee and many Sri Inai students as spectators for the match.
Damn supportive la the crowd.

Stepping into the court...fulamak...
"Eh..formation macam mana ni?"
Both thumbs up from Jesse.
"You left, and you right, " as commanded by Basil.
Daniel goofing around as usual before the match =p

The many shots of Jehc the Goalie, who performed rather well.

What the heck?Why so many pictures of Jesse?

During the match :

WaiHong was there too.

Roshern played too.

That's Mr. Referee(Sri Inai's coach) and Khairil in action.

Haha everybody looked so cheerful, I think its because CHEER2007 is in 4 Days time!

After the match:

Khairil was obviously exhausted.

Most of the pictures were taken by Syabil.

[L-R] Basil, Erwin, CheeYen, Jesse, MengLeong, Daniel, Khairil
[Bottom] Harith, WaiHong & Roshern.

Its The Flying Donkeys, we're fat and ugly.
Wanna play futsal with us? Drop me a message.=)


; pikyiee - * said...

I missed the matchhh !

MengLeong said...

y didnt you turn up instead?=\

; pikyiee - * said...

omg . i was sick weyy . khai ask me to go ady but i was sick ! =/ so sorry !