Saturday, June 16, 2007

LG Outing (Lame&Gay Outing)

Today, we were suppose to attend Victoria Institution's Carnival, as recommended by YongMeng. According to him, we're suppose to meet at Kelana Jaya LRT Station at 11am. Sp i left my house at 10.45 and reached there punctually. So I waited for those sluts to turn up but what the heck they proposed they're following Malaysian timing. haih.

After more than half an hour of waiting, everybody finally turned up. The LG(Lame&Gay) outing consists of YongMeng, SerSiang, WeiKit, YuSzen, and SengChye. Suddenly we decided that we should go elsewhere rather than going to Victoria Institution which is so far away, got to change train and all. So we had a grueling session of discussion to decide where to go, some of the location we argued on was The Curve, 1 Utama, AMCORP MALL, Petaling Street, KLCC ;), MidValley, TAMAN BAHAGIA TO EAT ROJAK AND CENDOL and where else I couldn't recall with many reasons with our respective choices, haha. WeiKit, SerSiang and I have a Touch'n'Go card each so we're free to go anywhere but YongMeng, YuSzen and SengChye have a hard time deciding which ticket should they buy, haha.

They bought the ticket to Pasar Seni, haha I think I know the partial reason YongMeng has the desire to visit Petaling Street, hahaha.

In the LRT itself, we could not stop discussing on where we should go. At a point SerSiang said we should just drop at Taman Jaya and go to Amcorp Mall because there's cinema, A&W, arcade and etc. So, we guys exit from the train.

Right away, we have a discussion again and whether to really go to Amcorp Mall. Haha damn gay la. Then we finally decided we should just go to Pasar Seni la. Back into the train again, haha.

You know, in the LRT we can overlook the view of MidValley. Yu Szen shouted "LETS GO MIDVALLEY LA," which I'm sure caught a few attention of the many passengers in the LRT. Then we guys almost go down at Bangsar but eventually we continued our journey all the way to Pasar Seni.

Haiya we could have go to KLCC <3 style="color: rgb(255, 102, 0);">SerSiang ranted that its drizzling and the first few moments of rain has the highest acidity with pH 4 and contain a great amount of pollutants. Hahaha yes yes sure. To satisfy him we waited for around 5 minutes so that the rain would be less acidic. LOL.

Some of us, waiting for the rain to be less "acidic" haha.
ps: picture taken by SerSiang's CYBERSHOT phone.Cybershot Lai Ba!haha(inside joke=p)


So there we are, at Petaling Street. We did the must-do thing at Petaling Street, which is to quench our thrist with Mata Kucing and dig in the scrumptious Wan Tan mee, WAH DAMN ORGASMIC la the Wan Tan mee.

but sorry not halal:p


Later on, we walked around checking out the many stuffs sold there.

Then, WeiKit suggested we could go to Dina's house when we plan to go back, since her house is quite near to Taman Bahagia LRT Station.

Off we head to Dina's house. Chit chat and we watched The Hostel. I highly discourage you to watch it, unless you've got a fast forward remote control, if you get what I mean hahaha.

Then we used Dina's MSN account to tell Jessica Loh, that Dynamitez were pulling out from Cheer 2007 haha. Imagine if they really do pull out, TRAGIC.
Also, I msged Jesse but he was away and called ZacVin - Zac-xy.

As the rest went home and we're almost going back, SerSiang suggested we should go to 1Utama since he's so nicely dressed. Called a cab then Siang, Dina and me headed straight to 1Utama.

Walked around, and really sit down at Yippee Cup. There, we had drinks, played cards, chess, and also Tarot cards, haha.

At the end of the day, Dina and I've got a ride home courtesy of SerSiang.


But the Lame & Gay (LG) outing didn't turn out too bad, in my point of view :).


SianG said...

someone has a photographic memory. the wan tan mee picture where u get from..the 1 we eat where got look like that.

MengLeong said...

type "wantan mee" at google.
and this picture would appear.