Friday, June 22, 2007

Dynamitez - Champions of Cheer 2007!

How did you people spend your weekend?I spent mine at Cheer 2007!
Don't know what's Cheer 2007?I suggest you start to get to know what's happening around you.


1st Day

So I started my first day by waking up early at 5.00am and went to Dina's house early in the morning. The same thing I did for the past 2 years, which I went to Khing Wei and Sandra's house both Captains of Dynamitez 05 and Dynamitez 06 respectively. This year, meet at Dina's house, the Captain of Dynamitez 07!

Dynamitez's official breakfast prepared by Kak Siwen & Aunt Farah!

A little note place near the stairs from Aunt Farah & Uncle Fuad for Dynamitez!So nicee la both of them.

Hwee Ching and Xin Hui helping the girls do their hair. Haha check Xin Hui out la she damn focus.
Checklist right at the door!

"Girls, its time to go!"

The large banner.

We've got to wait kinda long for Dynamitez's turn to perform, but fear not Aunt Farah has prepared,

DYNAMITEZ Official Snack aka. "Aunt Farah's Muffins". Yummy!

HweeChing looks good in this picture.

SerSiang the salesman for selling mini megaphones but was colour blind for the day. (He was suppose to wear red)


Oh and a thing, I was the surprise mascot for Dynamitez, or you might want to label me as "DynaMan" haha.

The whole mascot idea originated from Aunt Farah and she asked me to put on the costume.
She put in every single effort possible in making the mascot thing a success.


I walked to surprise Dynamitez at the back stage and loved the fact that they were happy to see DynaMan the Dynamitez Mascot.

Its me with WeiKit YongMeng and others escorting me.

2nd Day

I was suppose to follow the bus, but Aunt Farah suggested I go her house in the morning again and Khing Wei could give me a ride to the stadium.

The final day has come.

Meet May-Terrorist-Ee aka Lady-In-Charge to get the crowd to do the cheers.Don't pass her the lighter!
Highly Explosive Dynamitez Supporters!

Sarah! Cute-nyer:D!

Wah PikYie, your legs quite long ahhh.

Yay, I'm a soon-to-be-Violet's Royal Pain In The Butt. hehe.


BumBum and XueLi.

Its Sarah Tan up close!

Dina & WeiKit!

Haha YongMeng, yes we know you're at the stadium because of Steph ONLY. Good boyfriend la you.

Stephanie's in Charm!

Dina The Captain and I!


You know, there's interval between performances of the teams. At one of the interval, YuSzen ran down with great pace, which got him a chance to "salsa" with Sarah Tan, or rather wondering around her waist and back with your hand YuSzen?HAHAHA.

At another interval he rushed to the mat again and suggested to Sarah Tan that he perform beat-boxing. Haha YuSzen, I know you had a good day.


As it was time to announce the awards, I was so shocked Titans got only 5th placing. But they earned Best Showmanship award too. I like Titans, they're so creative and the ending banner thing is DAMN COOL.

Oh, did I mention, DJ boys are sluts?hahaha.




Titans, Ipoh Mari with Ken YuSzen Dillion SengChye WengFai YongMeng & I.ngehehe.

Good job Blizterz for bringing in a large number of supporters and clinching Best Supporters Award.


2nd Runner Up, Vulcanz All Boys.
1st Runner Up, Shirtlift.
well done girls!:D

Estelle the Dynamite! *yummy

woohoo, its the Trophy every cheerleading squad in Malaysia is hunting for!

Some of us with Dynamitez before leaving!

Bye, bye Cheer '07.


Hmmm. Did you girls kiss the precious trophy you girls earned?
You did? Or you didnt?





Well YongMeng & I did. hahahahaha.


Dina said...

Meng Leong, really is Dynamitez #1 fan.

We love you!
Thanks man, REALLY REALLY appreciate it.

MengLeong said...

yay im dynamitez #1 fan !

so proud of you girls!:D

Anonymous said...

Sarah Tan whoOhoo! You should've taken a single shot with her.