Saturday, June 21, 2008

Football Facts, celebrated Birthday boys & Get Smart.

To all football lovers, footballer lovers, or whom that may be interested,
In this case, it's football(soccer), not the American football.

In the midst of Euro 2008 and since the football fever is still on, I wish to share with you several facts regarding football that I came across from substantial sources.

1. Playing football can make you shorter, temporarily in most cases.

Sometimes, I do feel I can grow a little taller than I actually am currently. This is mainly football is a high impact sport, that causes compression in our bones like our knee, spine, and others. The role of hydration should not be overlooked and may contribute to the release of fluid from the our body via osmosis, which can also contribute to height loss. Try measuring your height before a competitive football match and after the match. You might find out you lost a centimeter :(.

2. Football burns more fats than jogging.
Of course jogging is an excellent method for losing those flabs, but vigorous football proved to be more effective! According to a research, 2-3 weekly rounds of soccer practise, of the duration of approximately 1 hour, released massive health and training benefits. Their percentage of fat went down, the total mass of muscle went up, their blood pressure fell and their fitness ratings improved significantly. The sports scientist believes that it is the shifts between walking, running and sprinting that causes the soccer players to experience better health improvements. When you compare both jogging and playing football, football is definitely easier and much more fun as players are able to display their respective dexterity and skills in various ways.

Dude, how bout a round of football?
Wei Kit, opt for football instead of jogging and you will be as thin as a stick in no time :b.

3. Soccer is called football in practically every country except America.
I'm from Malaysia so I shall stick to calling it football then :).

4. Football players are sportsmen most at risk of injury.
A study into injuries of people with long term sport involvement found significantly more football players (63.3%) sustained sports injuries than others and swimmers had relatively few injuries (28.1%). The injury related to football are usually involving lower-limbs.

This is my foot injury from futsal that caused immobility for several days, severe pain and the inability to play any sports for 2 months.

5. Knee injuries are more prone among the female footballers than the male.
Research has shown that as female athletes mature physically, growth in height and muscular changes cause them to have less control of their knee joints. This is why women tend to change direction and land from jumping with their knees straight and inward predisposing them to ligament and cartilage tears. One way to combat this problem is to strengthen the core muscles; back, abdominal, and hip, and to teach them proper jumping technique.
Ladies, probably sticking to sending your kids to football training and tuition would be a better choice than playing football.
I'm might have feminist plotting to kill me tomorrow.

But these group of ladies from Brazil sure do have what it takes to put some male amateur football teams to shame.

6. Football teams from higher altitudes have significant advantage over teams from lowland teams.
At higher altitude, the air is thinner and the atmospheric pressure is less. At altitude, lack of oxygen (hypoxia), cold and dehydration can lead to breathlessness, headaches, nausea, dizziness and fatigue, and possibly altitude sickness. Activities such as football can make symptoms worse, preventing players from performing at full capacity. In contrast, lowland teams are unable to acclimatise to high altitude, reducing physiological performance.
Do you know that the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA), banned international matches from being played at more than 2500 m above sea level?

Speaking of high altitudes, I wanna hike up the Mount Kinabalu! Anyone interested and has contacts of tour guides?

8. Heading a ball could damage your neck and also lower you IQ.

Football players had less flexible necks than non-football players. They also had more damage to the cervical discs and more compression of the spinal cord. The correct heading technique would be essential to prevent such injury.
NO WONDER I'M SO DUMB LA, I always head the ball ;(.

9. Every dude who loves football needs a girlfriend. (you're smart enough to notice I made this up right?)
I love football. I need a girlfriend. I'm desperate.
Bye bye thanks for reading.

Enough of talking, let's go kick balls!!


Late June Babies! They are great guys, great friends who are definitely worth featuring in my blog :).

21st June.
Meet Jesse Liew Wern Cai.
Jesse fetch me around with your new coming Swift :).

22nd June.
Meet Bobo Koh Weng Fai.
Who doesn't miss Weng Fai's whining?haha.
Come back soon, you've got many Lok Lok(Steamboat) trucks waiting for you.

28th June.
Meet ..., wait you already know him right? Kenneth Ooi Thian Hong.
Hongster, get you ass back in Malaysia as soon as possible and don't forget some pictures of ... , hehe.


Why is the school getting cooler only after my batch left :(.


Get Smart was hilarious!
If you wish to get a good laugh even on a dull day, watching this movie would definitely be good :). Though the plot is kinda whacky at certain parts, haha.
I watched it with Wei Guan :).

Even the cast of the movie gets you excited.
  • Steve Carell from 40 year old Virgin, he suits the role so well hahaha.
  • Anne Hathaway from Devil Wears Prada, she's sizzling hot. Ice please.
  • Dwayne Johnson, The Rock! Too bad he didn't play a big role though.
  • Terry Crews, the big black dude from White Chicks? hahaha.
  • Masi Oka, who plays Hiro Nakamura in Heroes. There's one scene of him that cracks me up la hahaha.
  • Ken Davitian, who plays Azimat in Borat? Hahaha poor dude gets humped this time instead of suffocating Sacha Baron Cohen in his crotch.
  • Dalip Singh, The Great Khali from WWE!
  • James Caan from Las Vegas!
& the list goes on.

This movie is highly recommended by me :).

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