Saturday, June 14, 2008

Roaring My Way to Nuffnang Wild ‘Live’ Blogging

Out of the blue, I decided to blog about the wilds and roar my way to Nuffnang Wild 'Live' Blogging event at Modesto. I guess I'm gonna write a post on the significance of the lion to me, in order to "roar" my way through.

The king of the animal kingdom.
Animals sure do provide inspiration and most of the time, it is rather symbolic.
The lion sure do remind us of bravery, strength, dominance and "playboy-ish" too. Do you how many mistresses a male lion has? :\ ROAR.

I reckoned I am associated with this creature in several ways.

See the lion as the symbol of the LEO club? During my secondary school days, I was a proud member of the LEO club and I was given the priviledge to serve as the Vice President of the club. I clearly remember how we work our way through to gain what LEO stands for, Leadership, Experience and Opportunity. I prefer to refer LEO as, Let's Enjoy Ourselves. & we do like LOUD ROARS for role calls and etc to get all spirited up. I'm having thoughts of joining the LIONS club in the future :).


The lion was also a logo for my Yellow house, the house which I lead with all my effort and sweat towards glory for my school's annual Sport's Day.


Which poor child doesn't watch Lion King? It used to be my favourite movie when I was much younger.

--- This logo of the lion is the Netherland Football team's logo. It is currently my favourite nation for Euro 2008. Saw how the Netherlands thrashed the 2 finalist of World Cup 2006, Italy and France? You can bet on the Oranje all the way! :)


You know, I'm a Chinese and at some temples, you can find two huge statue of such lion, acting as the guardian of the temple and prohibiting any evil disturbance.


In our Chinese culture as well, lion dance performance is considered something auspicious, at various occasions such as opening ceremony of a company, Chinese New Year celebration, etc. I recalled when I was a little boy I used to force my way through tiny gaps such to touch the lion costume.


The lion is also the symbol of the Barclays English Premier, claimed by many as the best league in the world. This is where my favourite team, Manchester United compete with 19 other top clubs in England for supremacy. Definitely, Manchester United is the most supreme of them all.

Did I not tell you my favourite Diva is 'Lion'a Lewis?
This Diva is beautiful in appearance, with a beautiful voice to match.
No wonder she got Simon Cowell enchanted with ease.


Well that's about it.
Nuffnang, I've done my blogging, now do your picking :).

Meng 'Lion'g, signing out.

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