Friday, February 20, 2009


Yong Meng, I'm sorry I didn't blog about your 19th birthday celebration. I'm a horrible friend. But I did turn up for your birthday to make up to it didn't I :)? Oh yes, that day you phone me to ask me blog about something. I am more than willing to blog about it, but what was it again? Please tell me the details cause that time when you phone me I was half asleep.


Lee Jane, thanks for inviting me to your CNY gathering ;). I'm sorry I don't have pictures to blog about this either.

& it has already been 4 months + since Jac and I got together. 4 months + only? It felt much, much longer :).

That weekend back from Kampar was well spent :).


As I've noticed, my blog traffic has reduced tremendously. Still, on the 15th February, I've notice a rise of visitors to my blog. Curious of how I spent my 1st ever Valentine's huh :)?

That Valentine's weekend, my girlfriend was being such a sweetie, she drove over to Kampar to celebrate it with me. As much I would love to celebrate it back at home, KL, Kampar it is. Before you start calling me jerk for making my girlfriend visit me instead I visit her, I've got Microeconomics Mid Term on Valentine's that day itself. How to go back? :(

On the 13th, Kent, Chian Wei, Rain, Munmun and Wayne came to Kampar as well to have a look around. I feel good showing them around the place cause I've secretly dreamt to be a tourguide. Yea, laugh all you want.

On Valentine's, we went to Ipoh, & opted to go Ipoh Parade.

Planned to have dinner at Ipoh but it was still early then, so we went back Kampar. Decided to have our dinner at Grand Kampar Hotel, but it was full. Thus, we just sat down at some decent restaurant to get our tummies filled.

Happy Valentine's babe :).

Still curious? Alright I know you wanna know what I gave her as a gift. I gave her a 'Certificate', you know some sort like certificate of achievement with slight alterations ;), Chocolates, and some awesome massage voucher. Guess who was the massager, hehe.


Today, I just felt like cycling. As I cycled, I took some pictures.

Cotton Tree.

Cow 1 : " Hayy doood, what the hell euu looking at? moomoo"

Cow 2 : "mooo oo yes, that dood is taking my picture, let me pose first hehe"

Kuala Lumpur, 179km away.

Hi-biscus. Pretty. Not bad for a roadside flower eh?


& where did I cycled to you ask?

It's quite a distance,
& my butt is aching now.