Monday, March 02, 2009


Blessed, I am.

Last weekend, I think my father missed me as much as I missed him, so he decided to drive up to Kampar and then Ipoh for the weekend. However Meng Wai and Pui Cheng both couldn't tag along as they have their exams/assignment to attend to. Well this family trip is slightly more special than the usual trip. This time, Jac tagged along :). My parents welcomed her along with open hands, as I know my mum likes Jac alot ;).

Once they reached Kampar, I showed them the garden by the lake.

Foong the awesome photographer who spotted the 'view' and thought she should capture it :).


Soon it was pouring in tremendous manner, even umbrellas flipped backwards are the vision was nothing but pouring water.

Upon reaching Ipoh, my uncle welcomed Jac warmly too:). Stayed at my uncle's house for the night.

Chit-a-chat session.


After some really good dinner, we went to Jusco. Considered decent as there weren't as many 'seafoods' as compared to Ipoh Parade. Even the shops at Jusco are better too! Mmhm I don't know, whoever's familiar with Ipoh do the judging :b.

Foong, you're growing up so fast.


What's fun going Ipoh without having supper!

Not long after, we proceed to Chang Jiang coffeeshop to have some good white coffee complementing dry curry noodle, chee cheong fun and rojak. That's supper :).


The following morning, my dad's friend brought us to eat 'Bei Si Yu Tan' in Cantonese means (Nose Droppings Fish Ball) for breakfast. Haha funky name for the fish balls? The size of the fish balls are rather small like nose droppings but has good decent fish taste in it.

Then my parents would never foregone the chance of buying 'Heah Peah" (biscuits) from some famous shop. & soon after, bought the salted chicken as well.

It's a shame I didn't take pictures of those food, I'm sure you guys would love to have a look at them. I shall take more food pictures next time, I shall.

& then local fruits!

Chin Chin and Ern Ern, recall these cuties from my previous Ipoh post :)?

The kids were afraid of Jac at the first place but after learning that she's a nice 'che che'...

They were clicking ever so well :).

Probably one of the most expensive 'toy'(Jac's HTC Touch) Chin Chin and Ern Ern ever laid their hands on, haha.

The girls' phototaking session which I wasn't involve in, haha.

Haha the girls enjoyed the session I presume.


Our last destination, before we head back to Kampar was this cave which I forgot the name. Behind it is one beautiful garden.

and then Foong spotted a 'view' again and decided we should waste no time and take picture.

Foong and Jac ;).

You need no introduction on this one :).
Love you :).

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