Saturday, October 04, 2008


My parents plus Foong Foong and myself went to iPoh. Pui Cheng wants to stay home to study for PMR. Meng Wai wants to go clubbing (JOKE). It's thrilling to drive approximately 205km straight. Excuse me la, I first time driving such a distance :D.

This Raya, my stomach was pushed to its limits. No joke. On the first day, I attended 2 raya open house, one of them is of course hosted by Uncle Fuad and Aunty Farah and the other my dad's aunt who's adopted to a Muslim family.

2nd day at iPoh, what else to do if it's not trying the listless scrumptious local food?

Food/beverage not to be missed when you're at iPoh.
  • Curry Mee
  • White Coffee
  • iPoh Hor Fun
  • Chicken Taugeh (remember this, Siang, Dina, Jane and Ethan? haha)
  • Salted Chicken
I can tell fast food restaurants are not the preferable choice there as compared to places like PJ and KL. So healthy, goodie goodie.

BESIDES the food, guess what else is iPoh famous for? (as claimed by a number of people)
Pretty pretty females.

But, WTFLUX I JUST COULDN'T AGREE WITH THAT STATEMENT. I BUMMED INTO SO MANY OLD AUNTIES IN THEIR 50-60s DRESSING LIKE 21 YEAR OLDS GOING CLUBBING. WTFLUX LA. Good work on the dressing, generous amount of conditioner on the hair, nice poshy heels, but HELLO AUNTY, YOU'RE OLD PLX SRY :\. Maybe the local uncles are turned on by their dressing. Don't know, don't care :(.

I stayed at my Uncle's place. That would mean I would be able to play with our 2 little cousins, Chin Chin and Ern Ern!

Chin Chin. She's only 5, but heck she's smart. She can perform calculations most Standard 3 students struggle to. She's even a multi award recipient at Kumon. I blame this intelligence on the parents whose both profession is in education. Bright bright girl. After playing and checking my phone, she thinks I got a girlfriend and reported to my mum :|.

Ern Ern the younger one. This is her combing her hair. 3 years old and SHE'S SO CUTEEE. She likes to act as a princess. No wait, not princess, she prefers to be the queen :|.

This is my sister acting like a gangsta' with Chin Chin.

Er, my sister still acting like a gangsta' with Ern Ern.

This is Ern Ern acting like a queen covered with pillows and blankets. SO CUTEE.

They pleaded me to carry them, how can I deny such adorable little cuties? :)


Guys. Today is the birthday of childhood friend, also my first primary school crush heehee, Kar May :).

She's so sweet looking, decent, innocent, magnificent and all the positive 'cent' you can ever think of. You're such an angel la. Any dude who manages to date her is one lucky fella :).

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