Sunday, October 12, 2008

Of hill top and lake garden.

On Saturday night, we, which consist of Kent, Chian Wei, Jac, and myself went up to Genting again. Haha NOT, we just went to some Ampang Hill, which is known as Mini Genting? Yea it's just some double date thingie ;).

Went up the hill but to find numerous people sight-seeing there too, didn't know that place is so famous. We just find a spot overlooking the Kuala Lumpur city, enjoy the breeze, chit-chat, and what else we did I'll just let you guess :).

Pictures are not uploaded cause it seems like someone wants to do some editing and so on? haha.

Reached back home at around 3am but woke up early at 5am+ cause I'm participating some AdventuRun at Lake Garden. Man, I didn't know that place is so beautiful and not to mention huge too!

Joe, Yu Szen and I joined the open category for 5km while Wei Kit joined the Under-21 category for 10km.

Haha 5km's short and lovely la, screw 10km hehe :). This race wasn't as competitive as I thought. Though, we did run very well. I clocked 23mins24secs for 5km, and was 1st runner up(yay got medal :D), just behind the 1st dude by 20 secs. He was so close :(.

Joe was impressive too, he clocked around 27 mins and got 4th placing. Man, his gyming session sure did pay off.

Wei Kit the Monster was too cool for 5km so he ran 10km which he got 5th placing. He beat his personal best time and clocked 46mins52secs which was like my 5km speed x2. Just that he can maintain it for another 5km. He is a monster la.

Yu Szen however didn't manage to get top 5 as only top 5 are eligible for prizes. C'mon Yu Szen, should have more will power to impress 'her' ;).

Running around the Lake Garden was much more stimulating and it seems like we completed it in a breeze.

It's definitely a decent place to let loose your thoughts, and just have a good time jogging in the park.


After the run, we returned to the car.

No points for guessing who I'm messaging after I completed the run :).

Meet Yu Szen. He's charming.

Meet Joe and Wei Kit the two fitness freak showing off their 'products' from working out. Waa the 'nen nen' so besar *whistle* phweeeet :).

Now, the homemade product with the fitness freaks. My body how to compare with them :(.

We DJians so sexy.

For getting 5th, Wei Kit gets only 1 carton of 7up Revive and a Vico goodie bag. LOL.

Same gifts for Joe who got 4th.

For getting 2nd, I got a silver medal, hamper, free coloured contact lens, Renault remote control car.


During the interval before prize giving ceremony, the organizers needed 4 people to play 'Suck the Ball' game, which the winner would win a Renault remote control car. So 4 of us went la! Cause definitely one of us gonna win the car :).

The game works like this. You use a straw to suck a ping pong ball from a bowl and transfer it to another. It seems like Joe is really good in sucking balls(hahaha that sounded kinda wrong) and won the Renault Car. It seems like everyone is going home with something except for Yu Szen but thanks to his amazing socializing skills and the great talent of sitting down, Adrian Tan from HELP who got 3rd gave Yu Szen his Renault Car.

Right before we leave.


At least everyone went home with something!

It was a lovely morning :)


This might sound kinda cheesy but I love you, Jac :).

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