Sunday, October 19, 2008

This week.

  • I attended my first week of my final and 3rd semester of my Foundation Year.
  • Woke up at 12.30pm on Tuesday.
  • Love the sight of her every morning :).
  • Failed to think of a name for a teddy bear.
  • Played futsal.
  • Changing my degree course from Business Admin to Banking Finance.
  • Figured out who would I be staying with for the next 3 years when I'm at Kampar.
  • Got pissed off by the inefficient UTAR admins, as usual.
  • Was caught by patrolling polices around Happy Garden for being naughty. NOT haha.
  • Was laughed at for being 'sensitive' :\.
  • Drove past a BMW that was on caught in a blaze.
  • Went to Rain's place at Kepong to celebrate his and Chian Wei's birthday.
  • Supposed to be 'surprised', hahahaha.
  • Attended Khairil's Raya open house 17 days after Raya haha.
  • Received an early birthday gift from Sabrina - a book on baking. Thank you so much Sab! :)
  • Drank some chicken rice chilly. A whole cup of it. It was a task.
  • Think I should start preparing for the Terry Tee + Megan Fox (Terry Fox) run.
  • Came across the best line of the week, with May Ee quoting Ser Siang, "Obama is Osama's brother".
  • Was very close to breaking my neck.
  • I'm too lazy to continue.




SianG said...

Of course I knew it was Barack Obama. Mayer ask me in such sarcastic manner sure I joke along la. Have to put as her personal msg to put me down 1 u know

MengLeong said...

haha relax man siang, it was quite funny, hahahaha!