Saturday, September 27, 2008

Mend Yourself.

Your body, your responsibility. Take care of it. Mend it. Nurture it.

This morning, I finally break my sluggish routine, of waking up at around 2pm regularly. Instead, I woke up at 6am, to join Wei Kit for running along with Choon Seng, Joe, and Boon.

& damn, it's been a while since I last had vigorous runs. The run is called Interval Training, with the main objective of losing fats as well as enhance one's stamina.

It consists of;
  • 5 minutes warm up jog
  • 1 minute run
  • 1 minute walk
    (the running and walking is done in repetition for 10 times)
  • 5 minutes cool down jog.
I tried it for the first time this morning, and it sure was tough. Wei Kit obviously graced the run, reminding how unfit I am.

Wei Kit ran so often almost everyone living around SS22 knows he jogs regularly.
Haha I still remember how Khei Sze's sister, Khei Sheen trying to ring some bell to figure out who's this boy at her farewell. Soon later she goes, "Ohh, you're Wei Kit, I always see you running hehe"

Hey I run regularly too around Taman Megah area :\. Last time, hehe. Too bad most of the people living here are old uncles and aunties :\.

After our run, Wei Kit exhibits his weights and workout equipments to Choon Seng and myself. & that's when I forced to face the fact that I'm awfully weak. My hands got no 'tikus' my 'nen nen' so kecik :(.

Nothing comes falling down in front of you, I'm eager to work my way to enhance my physique and ultimately, stay healthy and fit.

Tomorrow, 10km run with Wei Kit.

Some people work out because they wanna impress chicks. Some people wanna succeed in competitions. Some people do it cause their mummy asked them to do so.

Doing such a thing, you thoroughly need inspiration. Something to drive you on. When I questioned Wei Kit, what was his inspiration, he said he simply enjoys sweating. SURE BO?


You shall be my inspiration. :)

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