Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Man Who Can't Be Moved.

I'm moved by the song, The Man Who Can't Be Moved by The Script.

Yes, I'm having my semester break now! For my very last paper, Web Page Design, I completed the paper early, like many other people.

The evening itself, I wasted no time and headed for football, since it's been quite some time I last work my muscles vigorously.

Night time, it was May Ee's and Cheryl's birthday dinner at Courtyard Garden.

Cheryl on the your left and May Ee on your right.
Both of their birthdays happen to fall on 25th September, exactly 1 month before mine heehee. Time was well spent with old buddies, including Jonathan who flew back from U.K. but is already back at U.K., as well as having bonding sessions with new friends like, Dexter haha.

My jaw dropped and got stunned when Dexter, a classmate of Ser Siang, asked me,

"Hey, Meng Leong, you know Jac ah? Jacqueline.. Choi Quin?"

Haha of course I know her :).
Dexter happened to be her classmates for several years during the secondary days.
No points for guessing what was our topic of conversation, haha :).

Good night of gathering with friends and food with very nice ambience.

Happy Birthday to Cheryl and May Ee again!


The following day, we played handball.
Yes! Missed handball much. Had a good time running around :D.
But some people ffk-ed.
Bad, bad habit.

The following days I fell sick, but good thing I have DoTA to accompany me and not to mention, my JAc-tive fast remedy heehee.


Today, I went KL with Kai Fu and Wen Kit. Good guy outing I call that. Too bad others couldn't join.


Raya's next week! :D
Anticipating Aunty Farah's Raya delicacies, but Dina's not around :(.

Lastly, I'll be going Genting.
Anticipating it much.

& you don't know what wonders Cookies' n 'Cream can do to me.

There are so much I wish to share with you.
If only I had the chance.
Put all your doubts behind and come close to me.
Accompany me, make me feel contented and complete,
Cause I know you can.

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