Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Recently, I encountered, a SHARK!

Does a Shark bag count?
Cool bag though, I couldn't resist taking a shot of his bag.


Recently, I had.. scrumptious burgers!

This stall is located at the same row as A-station, in front of a shop that looks like 7 Eleven :p.

There are quite a number of burger stalls around the area, hmm 5?
But this particular stall is the most convincing choice as the burgers are selling like hot cakes!
Having late night burger cravings? This is the stall you're looking for! But it closes at 1am though.


Recently, I went over to East Lake a lot.
There, you can find the culprits of the cow dungs all over the place.

FAT one!
I bet his faeces is as fat!

I found one thin one too!
On the road divider lol.
So thin, he reminds me of that animal Lord of Avernus is riding(Dota players would know what I'm talking about:p)
Alright excuse me, I should cut down on the time spent playing Dota.

I've been traveling a lot on motorbike, mucho thanks to Shih Yeong who has been ferrying me around when I'm not cycling.

Haha, what, I wanna know how I look like in helmet other than softball helmets :p.

Sun setting - UTAR's East Gate.


I'm very pleased with Shih Yeong and his other housemates with the hospitality they provide me, they treated me as if I'm one of them living in their house. Thank you :).

I sleptover and had dinner there several time - dinner prepared by Shih Yeong, Jason, and others.

Why are the dudes in the kitchen and the ladies were actually at the living room watching movies -_-?

Tom Yam Fried Rice, Duck Egg Fried Rice and Grass Jelly drink. I love it!


Last Monday, we celebrated the Thein twins' birthday.

The girls preparing for the steamboat dinner. A great sight :D!

Awww loving brothers. Happy Birthday Chong Hou and Chong Kiat!


Recently, I saw..

Not this dude with that bag again?
I like the fact he chose to be different and use such funky bag though.
Ooo and can you see a stork flying at the top right hand corner of this picture :D?

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yinli said...

aha!. the shark bag!. i wonder if he still uses it cuz seldom see that around already. prolly a way to disguise his true self. lol.