Thursday, April 02, 2009

'Record Breaker' - Jac

First and foremost, I wish I'm back at home now. Being at Kampar sucks when I dread to be at home. The thought of my family, friends, school, and of course my girlfriend has been up running on my mind all the time. Snap out of it, I should be gearing up for my finals.

Last weekend I was back for a short while to go KL Plaza with my family and girlfriend. In addition, it was Cheng Ming then too. Currently, KL Plaza is not at its best condition, cause it was recently bought over by the Pavilion group and still under renovation.

Jac and I, at the lobby.

Then we proceed walking around Pavilion, Bintang Walk, Sungei Wang and so on.

Had our dinner at hawker galore, Jalan Alor.
Near BB Plaza I didn't know there's a Golden Man, for you to take pictures with, with the cost of any amount you desire.

Golden Man is seen smoking here, tsk tsk. & surrounded by curious passerby's.

That night itself, was the night the historical Earth Hour take place. From commercial point of view, I deem if they are to switch off all form of electricity for 1 hour, it is as good as not doing business for that hour itself. There are places like Coffee Bean and Dome, which supports Earth Hour by minimizing their electrical usage and providing 10% off on their goodies for customers visiting them at that hour. Good job :D.

How Bintang Walk looks like during Earth Hour. LOL.


Back at the hotel, we wind back, relax and freshen up.

My daddy loves reading the newpaper :).

The girls checking out the bathroom, Jac, my mum and - can you spot my youngest sister behind :D?

I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. However things weren't as smooth a couple of days after. I'm glad that matter has been put the rest.


Somehow I can still look forward and smile, I do have caring friends.
My bad days with bad appetite was well healed when I went out with Shih Yeong, Jason and the rest for dinner.

Kampar Old Town - Claypot Chicken Rice (Near Watson)
the best claypot chicken i've tasted at kampar

You can order the Claypot Chicken Rice with additional 'lap cheung' (chinese sausage) and salted fish.
Holy smokes, feeling hungry? :\

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