Sunday, March 08, 2009

Why steal?

Finally I'm informed about the incident Yong Meng asked me to blog about.

Haha this dude who ruined Yong Meng's Oakley's picked on the wrong party to mess with.


Here's the story.

It was a couple of days after Yong Meng's birthday, a few of them decided to go Blitzone to play dota. Then, a few of them shared to give Yong Meng a RM300+ worth of Oakley's sunglasses.

As they left, Yong Meng forgotten to take his Oakley's sunglasses. Just as he realised he left his Oakley's in the cybercafe, he quickly make his way back to his seat where some dude is currently sitting, to recover his Oakley's. Much to his despair, he couldn't find it. Due to the fact he JUST left the cybercafe, he felt suspicious over the fact that his Oakley's "vanished" so fast. Yong Meng & co. suspect that dude who's seating on the seat which previously Yong Meng was sitting, took the Oakley's.

Yong Meng & co. asked if those dudes saw or have taken the Oakley's, they denied endlessly. So they demanded that they want to check that dude's pouch to reassure. The dude initially refused to let them check his pouch. He even scolded Yong Meng & co., threatening Yong Meng etc. Their search was to no avail, they found nothing. The Oakley's happened to be in another pouch but Yong Meng didn't get to trace it.

Joe called Karhoe and many others to help handle the situation. When they were distracted for a moment that dude make his way to his car, bringing his bag along. Karhoe said then, "If you didn't take it, let us check your car."

The dude could no longer refuse, with almost 20 people against him.


They found Yong Meng's Oakley's.
Under the floor mat of the car, broken.

It was stepped several time by that dude before being recovered.

Yong Meng described to me he was 'stunned' at the moment, and Karhoe, Ley-Vin and others were utterly furious he lied about not taking the Oakley's. They demanded the dude to pay for compensation, he was left to no choice but to agree.

Woohoo, justice served!


From my point of view, if you have taken someone's belonging, you should return to the owner, and not make things worst by LYING and THREATENING the owner. Why la go break that expensive sunglasses? Not-so-smart move.

The car, where the Oakley's is recovered.


& the Not-so-smart dude. His name is Guang Ming. Did I spell it right? & what the heck la. Disgrace to all 'MENG's".

A little profile of him, he was from Catholic High School, previously the captain of the school's cheerleading team, come from a rich family, a high-profile student. LOL. WHAT A SHAME. Dude, I would admire you for being a high profile student, if you have not did what you did to my buddy Yong Meng. A stain, a prove that you're nothing much to be admired about.
Pure shame on you.


Why steal?


SianG said...

And that dude was threatening us with a knife and told us not to reappear in that cyber cafe ever again not knowing he was in Dj messing with Djians.

debra fong said...

wah wtf wei.
picture also got.

Daniel said...

Lol yeah wei, damn unlike you to post a photo loll

MengLeong said...

Yeah man damn silly messing with DJians in DJ.

hehe, this post was actually requested by Yong Meng, so I'm just lending a helping hand :b.

Ethan said...

No thats called being a dipshit. HAHAHA.

pikyie.ngoi said...

Omg Meng Leong. This is the first time I see you being so .. mean! Lol. Picture of the guy also got. Picture and number plate of the guy also got. I must really ask Ley Vin about this. Must be funny!

MengLeong said...

lol I've nothing got to do with the incident, just reporting it as requested by Yong Meng :P.

Zoe said...
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caitlin kang jia qian said...
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