Saturday, June 20, 2009

Catching up.

Lately I was back for a couple of days from Kampar, primarily to have an early Father's Day dinner because of my screwed up timetable which requires me to attend classes during weekend.

There are times, there are people when you're with them you feel fully contented. On Thursday, I was with the right people and having those pleasant time. We opt for dim sum for a brief brunch, but too bad some of our old buddies couldn't turn up because of exams and stuffs. However, Ethan(who has exams) turned up anyway,

Peace to exams.


My school days were definitely the best phase I ever had as far as my life has gone. Being with the Cengal bunch always never fail to put a smile on my face. I'm positive my ex-classmates enjoy each others' company as well :). Damn, it was good catching up with old mates. & we've got the camera snapping away!

Ethan, Chiaw, KM and Sab:).

Choon Sengg ..!
Where Cincau meets Soya Bean. Haha kidding, Ethan and Chiaw!

With CSeng and Chiaw!

Sweet KM, Jolly Sab :).

Chilling out at Chiaw's place before heading to Gardens/Mid Valley.

"Don't mess I'm handling the wheeeels." heehe


The exciting faces of the people sitting at the back :).

Choon Seng why emo : |.


At Gardens.


Meal at Madam Kwan's.
Nasi Lemak for everyone, except for me and Sab we had Asam Laksa and only Chocolate Milkshake respectively : |.

We all love Khei Sze being her silly bubbly self :).

Chiaw Yee the Taufu, Khei Sze the Tree, Sabrina the Cow, Kar May the Car. Wow we were so creative with names back then, haha.

Fascinating specimens: - Female shoppers.


& we indulged in the newly opened Krispy Kreme at Mid Valley's LG! Go grab some for yourself!

Thumbs up for Krispy Kreme :D!


The last shot to call it a day :).


I'm sorry to cause the Tioman trip not to materialize. I'm totally excited by the fact you guys choose to visit Kampar as Plan B, but I'm not too sure you guys will be as excited as I am. Anything do inform me.

Keep in touch :)


Sabrina said...

Stupid milkshake caused me ___ but MMHMM it was goooooooood.

its never the same without the whole gang. :)
heeee t'was a gooooood day!

MengLeong said...

HAHA loose motion? :b

Yup I had good fun, like I know I would with you guys :)