Monday, June 08, 2009


It's always not an easy task trying to adapt to a new environment. However Jac and her housemates sure are well prepared for Kampar. Only one week here and I can see they are utterly comfortable with the new environment. On the other hand, there will definitely be home sickness :\.

Recently I had a little more of futsal and dota, and I've been playing Kent's PS2.

PES ftw!

For myself, this semester I brought a Smart Cooker from home which allow me to fry, boil, slow cook, steam etc, with it.

I've been cooking with it :).

At my house, Jac looks really focus with the hot plate of spaghetti :P.


& brought Jac's housemates for some evening activities/jogging/cycling.

Haha Rain with his advertisement-worthy thumbs up pose. Spot buffaloes in the background :).


& more jogging, with only Jac.

Small kid :p.

Ahh, taking a sniff of fresh air.

Yours truly. I miss running intensively like I do last time :(.


Recently we also had steamboat! (Jac's house)

Yummyy, but we were unable to finish all the food :(.


Yay, playing volleyball later :D.

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