Friday, July 03, 2009

Just the thing I need, home.

I came back from Kampar last Wednesday because of my precious sister's 11th birthday. On top of that, the following was filled with great enjoyment, cause I met sooooo many old faces that I've not meet for quite some time. You don't how much joy I gain from meeting old friends and acquaintances.

Mentioned to Ser Siang, "How much I wish if I could meet more familiar faces."
and so I did, meet so many familiar faces :).

Siang said that he mixed around with people tested positive for H1N1 for past few days. So possibly we might be...
Nah, choi choi choi.


Rock climbing at Camp 5, 1u.


Today featured hunks are..



Yong Meng


Ser Siang (saw his cool tattoo on his right arm? :D)


Ethan - in his not so pornstar-ish pose :).


Wei Kit

myself la duh.

& Jesse. He came Camp 5 not to rock climb but wrestle. Haha.


Somehow, the harnest we wore 'enhanced' the appearance of our glorious, manly assets. If I'm not mistaken, it was Ethan who was utterly excited and start snapping away. Joe as the model, he was belaying me. Check out the following shots.

Tsk tsk. Ethan you took these pictures right ? (It was actually either Yong Meng or Siang). LOL :p.


Anyway, Ethan got a new haircut.

Joe noticed the new haircut earlier and said, "V? V for Vendetta?"


Wei Kit UNDRESSING (actually untieing the knot for) Yong Meng. Check out YM's face, orgasm ah :p?


Ethan and Siang goofing around with Wei Kit.

Siang : 'Peace'

What goes up must come down.


I was snapping away and saw Siang's tensed arm. Complimented him and he wished to have more shots of him so..
Siang checking out his own arm while belaying hahahaha.

SS for Smiley Siang.

My knee, after hitting against the rock while climbing : |.

After the much energy drained from climbing we rest for a while, wrestled, had Japanese snacks, DoTA-ed, and had dinner together. How good can it get?

Awesome day.

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