Friday, July 24, 2009

Lum's Cameron Highlands trip, Siang's 19.

Upon missing on catching Manchester United at Malaysia, it was made up by a family trip to Cameron Highlands. Except that my brother who didn't make it because he was too occupied with his Mid Term tests. That fellow prefer his favourite past-time activity - studying.

My dad picked me up from Kampar and headed up to Cameron Highlands through the Simpang Pulai route. Foong and Cheng missing out on the yummy Simpang Pulai pan mee.

We stayed at Equatorial hotel, considerably located at the summit of the highlands.

Upon reaching, we were welcomed by the cool breeze. Pardon me for the unclear pictures, can't demand much from a camera phone :\.

Outside the balcony of our apartment.


As night falls, the first thought that will come to your mind when you're at Cameron would be..

Hot, steamy, yummylicious steamboat dinner! They have fresh goodies accompanied but good soup base.. *thumbs up.

What's Cameron without strawberries?


After dinner, we went to the nearby night market.

Fresh, fresh Cameron vegetables!


Next morning, we had sweet corn, bought from the night market. We have Foong promoting the Pearl Sweet Corns? (so it's named at Cameron).

This is Foong as the Warrior-corn-princess.

and her again as the Corn Sniper.

Want some corn? - Corny 11 year old.


After that we went to the morning market around, got some yummy sweet potatoes, vegetables, strawberries and so on.

Then we went to a nearby ' BOH' Tea plantation, just a short distance after the morning markets near Equatorial Hotel.

The panoramic views of the tea plantation valley ;


As you can see, there's a tea house at the end :).

Foong and Pappy overlooking the tea valley.

Good sip of hot tea, with moist chocolate cake complemented by beautiful view :).


Before going back to the lowlands, we wish to take more shot for remembrance.

That's all for now.
Back to assignments and studying for mid term :\.

Happy early Birthday wish to my long time buddy Mr. Lim Ser Siang!
Sorry couldn't be around this time, enjoy your celebration, have a good one, cut down on the booze if you guys are planning to drink :).


SianG said...

Thanks Meng Leong. Got drunk again. Not at the party but at Jonathan's house. Miss you ml.

MengLeong said...

Haha. It's alright, I'm sure you had great fun. Miss you too man, shit I'm missing all the fun :\.