Wednesday, March 31, 2010

'Ching Ming'

As I grow up, I learn many, many facts of life. The superiority of knowledge, the power of imagination, the importance of relationships. Relationship with your soul mate, friends, and the most important of all, the foundation of who you are - your family.

Family values are so important that I think at all circumstances, we should prioritize our family. I'm very sad to see broken families, the implications are devastating. We'll go through hard times and when everything seems to be falling apart, you know you have your family, they are your LIFE SUPPORT, literally. It's indeed true that love starts at home, love yourself, love your family then only you are able to love others.

By the way I'm not here to nag you all about family, but bear with me :P.

Around this time, early April, we Chinese Buddhist will have an occasion named 'Ching Ming' which is the time when we visit our late ancestors, grandparents, or even deceased relative. I think it's truly a great thing to pay respect to our loved ones, honouring them. I'm aware Christians, Muslims and other religions have their respective occasions to pay respect for their family members that had passed on.

Last weekend, despite unfavouring circumstances, I returned KL for Ching Ming. Besides, I've been away from home since Chinese New Year, that's relatively long for me considering Kampar ain't that eventful. Sure does feel awesome being back at home, at the place we're most familiar with.

On a sunny Sunday morning, my family and I woke up early to Kwang Tong Cemetery, somewhere near Dewan Bahasa Pustaka. By the way, I came across a RUN organized and guess where is the venue? That cemetery. Running around the cemetery is just plain odd. Who came up with such an idea? haha.

That memorial avenue sure was crowded, as you can see. The joss sticks, candles and other burning thingie sure did contribute to some thick-ass smoke. Air pollution :\. The day before, we spent 60 minutes of saving the Earth's valuable resources and the following day, we pollute the air for several hours and continue for consecutive days =_=. The smoke was so thick, you can barely open your eyes and you would tear involuntarily.

You know, we Chinese have this custom of burning valuable goodies for our late family members. This year, I saw not only the typical bungalows, Mercedes, but also OSIM Massage Chair together with a controller, as well as Astro decoder, remote control, and satellite dish receiver. Damn, that was complete and people at the underworld are probably gonna have a really good time haha.

So I really hope you all would fork out time to fulfill your obligations for this Ching Ming occasion. If you can serve by your boyfriend/girlfriend's tight rules and obligations, I'm sure you can sort time for your family as well :).


I've posted up my primary photos up on Facebook recently and I sure did love the fact people are re-connecting and keeping in touch after so long :). If you all did keep any old photos, I suggest you share it :)!

By the way, Man. Utd. Bayern Munich match coming up! See ya

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