Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mission to Gua Tempurung - Accomplished :).

I'm sorry for the lack of updates, I know you guys are damn bored with the 'I am Lemon' picture haha. My blog traffic has dropped tremendously, however I still appreciate it very much for those who are so nice to drop by :).

If you recall, early last year when I just settle down at Kampar, I got a little adventurous by cycling up north to Gua Tempurung.Since then I have always thought to myself, instead of cycling, why not run? I can run 21km, 2 hours, why not to Gua Tempurung which is only like only 18km distance away? :)

I like testing my endurance, and by running, I did just that as a form of self-accomplishment. Everyone has their own form of self accomplishments; some wish to have some shopping spree and buy high-end heels/bags/clothes, get triple kills in DoTA, eat 5 bowls of rice and many others ahaha.

For that, I started running from here;

My hostel at Kampar :)

To here, Gua Tempurung in 1 hour 31 minutes :).

The route to Gua Tempurung is rather easy because the terrain is flat, however, only if you can bear the carbon monoxide exhaled by motor vehicles. Along the way to Gua Tempurung, I saw various road kills like a 3 feet long snake, monitor lizard, and so many types of birds :(. To add on, I saw a,

WILD BOAR! Hope you excuse me from feeling excited, that's my first time seeing one :P. By the way have you guys tried wild boar meat? Hmmmm it's yummy, tender and delicious :).

The final stretch to Gua Tempurung, was like a 'MINE-FIELD'. Not real mines, but the road was severely polluted with cow and goat droppings :(. Imagine me running zig-zag to avoid the 'mines'. YEAH laugh :|

So what did I do after reaching Gua Tempurung? I changed into a new pair of clothing and get hydrated and then, off for the Grand Tour in Gua Tempurung with Pui Yee and others! Mine you, after running 1 hour and 30 minutes, I've another adventure in the cave which take up to 3 hours and 30 minutes. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that's 5 hours in total. Wasn't really worn out, by was REALLY HUNGRY till the state of depression I tell you. It's that sad.

A Big Mac would be magical then :').


As this is my 4th time visiting Gua Tempurung, it tends to get a little boring already. We went in simultaneously with another big group with easily consist like 50+ people? We moved around the cave together with that group.
You know the tour guide would since his torchlight around the cave showing rocks that resemble sheeps, crocodile, etc. I find it amusing then when an aunty at her 50s got creative and imaginative with an uncle also at his 50s I presume by pointing at a huge stalagmite, saying,

"Do you know what does THIS look like?


ERECTION hehehehhehehe"

Oh boy that aunty sure was imaginative :D! It's a good scene seeing an uncle and aunty sharing dirty jokes ;).


While venturing in the cave, I saw something shimmering in the dark cave, to my surprise, it was a firefly. I got hold of it and that's the first time I come into contact with one.

Have you had a firefly in your grasp? The feeling is amazing :). These creatures are amazing :).

To conclude it, I have to say I enjoyed myself, fun company and it was an amusement-filled outing :). Tell me if any of you guys feeling a little adventurous alright :)?


Anonymous said...

If ten million fireflies
Lit up the world as I fell asleep
Cause they fill the open air
And leave teardrops everywhere

haha... since u see a flyflier..
then I give u 10 million flyfiers here larr.. cheer up.. meng leong..
trust me... let the time dilute btw u and her... =)

yinli said...

oohhhh.. i saw a firefly TOOOO.. while walking to 21st the other night. (:

MengLeong said...

Chris Chin - Things will be fine, especially with you around ;)

Yinli - Really!? Kampar so cool got firefly :D

MengLeong said...
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ReActivate said...

::: hi Meng Leong.. great story, love to read it while laughing at some point where there was a wild boar at gua tempurung area & u managed to shoot it! that's awesome! ++ the 'erection stalagmite' [hehehe].. u have a nice home btw [huhu] & leave so near with gua tempurung which is beyond fantastic! for me! & a good way to exercise by running from ur home [huhu] to gua tempurung..

::: nice picture, love to see more about gopeng, perak!

MengLeong said...

Haha thanks alot for the comment 'Reactive', means alot to me ;).

May I know who are you by the way? Your blog profile didn't show much.

Cheers and drop by more! :D

ReActivate said...

::: owh im just a guy searching about other persons weblog about gua tempurung & read their own experience.. thats all.. dont worry about me, im just a passer-by. currently i live in JB btw. thanx for the reply.