Sunday, February 07, 2010

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2010

I finally, relish my dream of competing a 21km half-marathon. Usually I run for distances like 5km to 11km. The furthest I ever ran was approximately 15km which is from my house, Taman Megah, Petaling Jaya to Jac's place at Happy Garden, off Old Klang Road.

In fact this race was one of the most grueling run ever. Probably my resistance and stamina is not at the top level but it is so taxing to my body that tired is truly an understatement. I timed 2 hours and 14 minutes which was much lousier than my expected time, 2 hours. That leaves room for improvement. But first time, I suppose it's credible.

Although I met Michael, Yeoh and Fabio, who are avid runners, but going for runs/marathons alone sucks.

I'm good in hiding the fact I'm freaking worn out.

I measure myself in kilometres and the medals I accomplished.
I will gear up for full marathon of 42km but not anytime soon.

This should be my last marathon for months to come. Next marathon? Standard Chartered, maybe?


I've to toughen up myself to face all of these alone.


紅包 said...

時間的銳齒能吃盡一切,唯獨對真理無能為力。 ..................................................

Fabio said...

Wait for ur improvement in the coming race. :)

MengLeong said...

Will definitely improve :)!

Wanna do full marathon by this year..

More confident with less than 10km races:p. Nice meeting you Fabio!

MICHy. said...

Standard Chartered 10km?

Blog hop btw:))