Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gong Hei Fatt Choi !

The gathering, the food, the ang pau, the joy and laughter. I just love Chinese New Year.

I've been strict on my diet and had been training for runs, it's about time to rest and fatten up! Ba Kua pleaseeeeeeee hehe.

Had reunion dinner with the Lums at OUG, and went to Teluk Intan on the first day of Chinese New Year.

The gathering at Teluk Intan's pretty epic, consists of my grandparents, mum have a total of 9 siblings - all married, and all have at average of 3 to 4 kids. You do the math. My Ah Kong and Ah Ma are proud grandparents of 28 grandchildren.

With the cuties, Sze Chin, Rou Xi and Foong . Who demands to get Superman, Spiderman treatment from me without fail :). Except for Foong I can barely carry her already haha. :p

It's been blazing hot lately eh? Ideal to go for a dip in the pool ;).

Mata lalat haha .

The 6 of us, Lums :).

Big, happy family :).

1 missing, so 27 cousins :D! Age ranges from 3 months old to 28 years old :).


Tomorrow bai lin with Ser Siang, Khy Li and Wei Guan ;D!

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