Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ms. Quah Chau Im

Our beloved Management lecturer during Foundation at PJ had commited suicide due to post-natal depression by plunging down a 14 storey building. She gave birth to a healthy baby girl actually (apologize for my mistake earlier).

Ms. Quah, we find it utterly hard to accept as you've always seem so cheerful. I remember those time where we personally have consultation for my assignment, you effortlessly guide me the proper way. Thank you for your guidance, you'll be dearly missed. God bless.

The news is in Chinese, and the link is here

If you can't read Chinese, GoogleTranslate it by copy and pasting the text here.

This is her Facebook Fan Page.

Rest in peace Ms. Quah.


Mel Netto said...

Meng Leong,
Just to inform you that Ms. Quah delivered a healthy baby girl on February 1st.
Please remove the statement on your blog that states otherwise.
Thank you.
Ms. Melissa

MengLeong said...

Thanks Ms. Melissa. To all respect to her and her family I did that corrected it already.

Joaquin Syed Vishnu said...

Her death really took my heart away...especially hearing the news that she died on the eve of CNY and I think of her child...and her husband...Nothing will ever be same again...'The light has gone out and there is darkness everywhere'

Anonymous said...

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