Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kuala Lumpur Masters' City Day Relay

The training, preparation and build-up for this City Day Relay would be flawless if it wasn't for the injury during handball which Dillion knocked me down when I was air-borne ready to shoot. I injured my acetabulum, the joint between my hips and my thigh bone, in layman's terms; the region close to my buttock. Thank God nothing was broken and no fractures or what so ever.

Maybe, maybe I'm injury-prone because I'm too thin and 'fragile' as described by Ethan and Seng Chye respectively. Could someone really be 'fragile' and injured easilly when one's too thin?

That caused me to limp for a couple of days, went for instant treatment at Madam Heng's Chinese Medicine centre which caused me RM60. What the hell, RM 60 can last me a week in Kampar for meals and etc. Dillion, feeling bad? Don't worry you can make up to it by spending me a few Dota session at Quas, thanks.

The injury has hamper my action of walking, let alone RUN. But the race must go on. Because this is a relay, a 3x3km relay, me pulling out would bring down my team and cancel out my team's hope and give other teams less good competition. That's not worth it man. So screw the pain, I ran.

So for this relay, we decided on me being the first runner, Yong Meng second, and Kevin our last runner. Yong Meng and Kevin, you guys ran well, good job :). The result, we got 15th place out of 51 teams in our category, that's creditable. There were awesomely fast runners, so yeah.

Mind you, we joined the Men's Open category that consists of runners aging between 18 to 34 who are usually at their prime. Early this morning when I was reporting my team, the lady in charged looked at me, saying, "You, reporting for Men's Juniors(school kids) ?" I mentioned to Kevin in a rather less pleased tone in front of that lady, "I look like a school kid? I'm 20."

I shall take this in a rather positive note. I look youthful and there are plenty more years in me :D.

Before the race, ex-DJ runners, still at it - running :).


The flag off,

Spot me in the mid front line? I'm in red with the baton with a smile that can't hide my anxiety. No, I'm not that eccentric dude with that red semi-transparent vest. Ew, thanks but no thanks we are not interested in viewing your nipples :(.

Yong Meng in the sea of second runners awaiting their first runners to arrive. Yong Meng must be thinking, "What is taking you so longg, Meng Leong" haha.


After the run,

It's good to run fast and end the race early to grab your cup of Milo conveniently as there would be a much longer line when other slower runners return :P.

Water to replenish the lost fluid.

Bananas for hungry monkeys. ahha.


From left, Kevin's, Yong Meng's and mine :).

Winner #1 :p. Self-proclaimed handsome dude haha.

Winner #2. The injured-not-at-his-best-runner.

Winner #3. Have you met someone who can pose well for pictures and have good stamina? (other than Yong Meng's infamous camwhore pics haha) :P.

Team DJ :).

Yong Meng and Kevin feasting on some beehoon and roti paratha.


Yong Meng left early because he got to rush off to Seremban with his parents for business purpose.

The medal.

So left us two, after being presented the medals.

That's about it, got to go, got a train to catch tonight. Back to Kampar.


jue said...

wow, injured also can get 15th placing in the toughest category . .. . awesome!!!

hope u had enjoyed the race. on the look out for another one . . probably end of March. mean time log in to my blog for full result of the top 10 in all category & a short video clip.

MengLeong said...

haha thanks for dropping a comment Jue!

Will drop by at your blog :).

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