Saturday, January 30, 2010


Lately, things have been different. Really different. :\
I'm not some who's fond of such situations, sadly.

Really wish to express my thoughts and spill it all out here like I used to, but I dare not. So much at stake, so much emotions involved.


To sum up what I've been up lately,

At Kampar, savouring the moments. As you can see Choon Lim and Ooi enjoying the scenery by the campus lake ahha.

Worked at Proton's Badminton Malaysia Open 2010, which was memorable in a way that I didn't want it to be. Koo Kien Keat's Hokkien by the way. Congrats on your title!

Recently celebrated my cousin, Irene's 21st birthday :).


Just came back from Ethan's farewell dinner. Feels surreal thinking Ethan's gonna leave. It's gonna be really different without you around Ethan. You are a responsible fella and a very dependable friend.

Watch out girls, this tanned hunk is coming to New Zealand to make you sway.

2005 at Penang. Haha remember those times Ethan, Siang, Dina, Jane? :)


1 day left to Kuala Lumpur Masters' City Day Relay. Unfortunately I had a bad fall during Ethan's farewell-handball and injured my hips. Limping now, but I'm positive I will run this race with every ounce of energy I have although it means bearing tremendous pain.

Take my words Yong Meng and Kevin, I will not let the team down :).

Bring it on.