Saturday, January 16, 2010

Malacca - Seremban Trip

Greetings, I have to say it's been a rather laid back semester break for me. Going for outings and trips were just about the things I needed. So without hesitating, I agree to go with Jac and Sg. Long group to Malacca :).

Most pictures are taken from LiLi. Thank you for the pictures!

Our luxurious mode of transportation :), Jason and Sam's car.


Dim Sum Breakfast at Seremban.


Hainanese Chicken Rice Ball for lunch. We went to the famous shop at Jonker Street, but the standard of taste of the chicken has definitely dropped and Ipoh Chickens would thrash this chicken at anytime of the day. But still, this shops have lines of tourists waiting to be seated.


MOS at Malacca. Happening eh?


Around the Stadhuys buildings, we guys try to juggle the expression of being constipated and looking macho :).

11 of us :)


Upon entering the muzeum :).


Watch out it's Sam and Shao-Jun with the cannons ahaha.


1, 2, 3, JUMP :D!


The group spent at least half an hour camwhoring at this multiple mirrors place ahaa.


Us having some fun at the grass area.


At St. Paul's Hill ;

Malaysia's Next Top Male Models ahah ;).

Jac and I :).


Everyone looking cheerful in front of A Famosa :).


Girls welcoming you to on board :p.

Ban Aik the genius having his moments :D


Jac, you heavy la:b.

Malacca is never short of spots to snap pictures eh :)?


At night we went to Dataran Pahlawan Shopping Centre, and had our dinner there.

Have you seen anyone who fancies having car sticker than this dude? Opps spot the saman there?


Later on, we went to The Jetty, a great place to hang out at night :). They have karaoke, snooker places, pubs, dining and drinking areas :). They provide free buggy rides around!

The pretty girl with a buggy :).

Drinking at the place which is extended to the sea :).

Li Li and Jac the buddies :).

But we missed the chance of having Satay Celup for supper :\.


Next day, we walked around to search for Baba Nyonya food and we stumble upon this restaurant.

Nasi Lemak with Nyonya Rendang Chicken, only RM3.50 a plate. Heck, the sambal tastes damn good, with flavourful and spicy, I LIKE!

Li Li's ice kacang. I had durian cendol but did not take a picture of it :p.

Outside Nancy's Kitchen, Guang Wei, Jac and I.


Guang Wei with the wooden gun that shoots rubber 'bullets'. Don't mess it hurts!

At a confectionary - yet to bake pineapple tarts etc.

Advertisement worthy shot :b.


Right after that we all decided to leave and head back home. Before we all go back KL, we stop by Seremban to buy Siew Pau and other pastries.

Don't play play, it's the Siew Pow Empire. haha.

Guang Wei doing pastry shopping :p.


Final stop, at Li Han's house where her mum welcomed us with yummy roasted duck and fresh watermelon juice. Thanks :D!

My tummy was really filled up then.

Thoroughly enjoyable trip with all of you :).

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