Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lum's Cameron Trip '10

Time passes real fast, I'm already in the 3rd week of my Year 2 Semester 2 studies in UTAR. Soon, I'll have to deal with my thesis, graduate, get a job, get a girlfriend, make her pregnant, get married :).

In condition if I really do found someone ;).


Recently, it's the school holidays, so my family had a trip up to Cameron Highlands again. Yes I know, we been to Cameron sometime in the middle of last year.

The trip this time round wasn't that enjoyable mainly because it was raining most of the time! At Cameron, most activities to do are directly under the sun, so raining is definitely not welcoming.

At Cameron, we can find plenty of jams there - strawberry jams, blueberry jams, rose petal jams, but WORST of all, TRAFFIC JAM :(. Cameron roads are so confined and by having bad traffic would be awful.

This is Wai and Foong preparing steamboat dinner at our Equatorial apartment :).

While waiting for the soup to boil.

My uncle was there as well, which mean the most featured cuties in my blog (my sister is out because she's no longer cute) are there too, Chin Chin and Ern Ern :).

Awww just wana hug these cuties! Except the middle one haha :).


Night time, Pasar Malam @ Brinchang

Buying some fried delicacies. Cameron's Sweet Potato Balls are just scrumptious, a must try!
Foong promoting Cameron's Jambu-Apple, a hybrid fruit. RM5 for 1 of these fruits :O. Actually it taste more like Jambu than Apple.


Morning @ Market near Kea's Farm (walking distance from Equatorial Hotel)

Checking out Cameron goodies :).

Yummy steamed hot sweet potatoes! I personally like the ones with orange flesh better.

Pearl Sweet corns!

Thumbs up for their marketing strategy. :P

Foong found a riped red strawberry :).

This hibiscus is huge! The flowers at Cameron are really pretty, if I want to, I can have one album solely on beautiful flowers!

Mummy and Papa with heart-shaped flowers :).

Taking a shot with some big ass strawberry :P


Sg. Palas' Boh Tea Centre is a must visit at Cameron!

Beautiful scenic view of the tea-valley :).

Waa macam gayaa. Haha even my dad looks macho with the umbrellas x).

Who else would be a better model for this shot ?:)


Visiting the factory which are tourists-bound and we get to observe the different phases of processing tea leaves - with a distinct tea leaves smell.
The machine is 'rolling' the tea leaves - liberating and exposing the tea leaves' juices for fermentation.

So much in a simple cup of tea. :)

Foong and Wai among the tea bushes :).

All of us overlooking a part of the tea valley - minus Pui Cheng who's occupied with her LEO Forum.

Lastly, never forget to sink your sweet tooth into their delicious cakes and have a sip of their fresh tea at the tea house!


13 days to my full marathon! 42.195km is quite a distance :|.