Sunday, July 25, 2010

Siemens Run 2010

As usual, I travel back from Kampar to KL to participate in runs. 18th July was one of the weekends I did so for Siemens Run.

I drove Teck Chai, Adrian and Kelvin to Dataran Merdeka early in the morning. I have to comment on the running vest. It's like an old man's singlet with mismatched colours. This is what you get when you pay only RM20 :\.

Right after the flag off. Didn't enter the barricaded area so that means I started wayyyy behind the crowd. (spot me in red and Teck Chai in yellow behind me)

Comparatively to other running events or marathons organized at Dataran Merdeka, I find this Siemens only fairly enjoyable. Nothing 'wow' or epic in this.

The most 'wow' part of the run has to be this.

The sight of Dynamitez cheering runners up for the last 750m stretch! Hello girls :). Hahaha.

This is me approaching Dataran Merdeka. I've got to say, this run for me is very disappointing as I clocked 49 minutes 46 seconds for 10.25km, way slower than my regular 46 minutes. Me running in such slow pace resulted me clinching 90th place in the Men's Open category.

You know what that means? More and more training! :)

The last picture of the day, myself, Teck Chai, Kelvin and Adrian at the finishing line.

I know this post came in quite late, excuse me being in the midst of midterms and assignments!

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