Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sungkai Hotspring

It's been really long since I last blogged! Ever since I started blogging at 2005, I would at least write 2 blog posts every month without fail. August 2010 was the only month I do not even have a single post. Damn, consistency streak ended!

For the moment I'm gonna blog about the Sungkai Hotspring trip I had with Wei Hoong, Xin Wei and Jolynn on the 22nd August. It's quite a distance from Kampar, 45minutes drive? I would recommend to travel using the coastal road from Kampar which will be a journey passing these towns - Tapah, Bidor and finally reaching Sungkai.

Picture credits : Xin Wei

After a couple of kilometers drive into the palm oil estate, we reached :).
Entrance fee. Hmm this place is rather big, many pools available and well-kept. RM10 per entry is rather reasonable.

Excited tourist Diong welcome himself with open hands :D.

They have this board walk that takes you through the scenic floral around the place.

Haha this time, with introduction from tourist-cum-tourguide Diong x).

Walking towards the pool!

Meanwhile, tourist Diong was admiring the beautiful trees and plants around him haha.


They have a series of pools here, do refer to the local map to know where you want to head to. Firstly, we went to the place where you can boil egg with the natural hot water.

Egg boiling in the process. Eggs are sold there at 40 cents each if I'm not mistaken. Mind you, they have steam coming out from this spot which means it's really really hot there!

Haha tourist Diong found the big pool that has slides! Unfortunately, the water there is rather dirty and murky :\.

Heading to the pool :D.

This is Wei Hoong strutting his stuff for 2011 Playgirl Calendar. Hahaha.

This is Xin Wei and Wei Hoong displaying brotherly love. I was the cameraman and I kinda felt like a porn director, telling them to more poses. Kidding :).

Soaking the manly legs into hot water. Hmmm.

Upon discovering therapeutic park. It's just hot water with stones to walk on.

Myself, Wei Hoong and Xin Wei. Damn, I look too damn thin here. Depressing.

Buddies yoo.

Meet the 3 stooges. hahaha.

Wei Hoong, Jolynn and myself posing on the rock in the middle of the pool :).


Later on was Wei Hoong with a short SS (syiok sendiri) moment ahah ;

Haha success in capturing Wei Hoong and the water droplets :P.


That's about it for now, next post would be on Mid-Autumn festival which is also known as Mooncake Festival :).

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