Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mid-Autumn Festival

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival/ Mooncake Festival/ Lantern Festival :D!

My family is rather modern, they don't usually celebrate this festival, at most, we will just get to eat alot of mooncakes my parents bought :).

When I was young, I had the imagination of Mooncake Festival to be a family affair, sitting under the brightness of the moonbeam, admiring the fullmoon, sipping on hot chinese tea, devouring mooncake while catching up with each other. This year, much thanks to a spirited friend of mine, Wei Hoong, it happened with slight modification :).

Together with Wei Hoong and Xin Wei we drove around Kampar to hunt for mooncakes literally ahaha. Under the rain but it was memorable ;).

Ah, beautiful, bright full moon :).

Meet the Papa and Mama of 1925 - Horyi and Wei Hoong :).

Papa Diong frying french fries weeee.

This is Xin Wei setting up the song playlist for the night while we observe and gave opinion. We put the player on shuffle and it coincidently played Teresa Teng's "Yue Liang Tai Biao Wo Di Xin" (The Moon Represents My Heart) more than the others. The player do know how to shuffle the songs for the occasion ;)
Simple meal, but gratifying :).

Formal family shot? Mama papa and 3 sons. haha.

& a cheeky one :).


The mini snow skin mooncakes we got after a really long mooncake hunt :p.

*thumbs up, I'm enjoying myself :D.

Dining outside while chatting and sharing stories :). Haha look at Wei Hoong being so engrossed in the chit chat session :D.


After finishing our meal, next agenda - lantern!

Wei Hoong carving wooden sticks to be used to carry the lantern around while emphasizing the fact that.. "I got A for Kemahiran Hidup ok!" haha

Smiley Horyi with lantern :).


Light up the lanterns!


My favourite picture of the night :).


After that we decided to walk around the residential area with our lanterns and wished people "中秋节快乐" as a form of friendly neighbourhood gesture :)


Later on, I do not know why we started to emulate being cock-eyed. It started with;


Myself. Damn fail :\

But the best cock-eye attempt has to be Mr. Diong LOL.


Lastly, we had hot chinese tea which was just boiled. Tasted so smooth, unlike the other teas I drank anywhere else.

Tarik the chinese tea haha.


Thank you Wei Hoong, Horyi, Xin Wei and Edmund for the wonderful night!
Simple, enjoyable and most definitely memorable. :)

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