Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chinese New Year 2011 - Family Edition

Blogging. Something I've not done for quite some time. Firstly, I'm currently hooked on the tweeting, updating my Twitter more frequent. I was seriously occupied! Busy is an understatement, I barely have time to shit some times. Youth nowadays are so good in multi-tasking, juggling so many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Blog, Foursquare, and so on. It's good to have good networking, socializing, but don't engage in it too much till you do not have time to do productive work or even drain your precious energy.

Hmm, I never wanted to ditch this beloved blog which is filled with my memoirs, so here I am. I shall blog about an overdue post on Chinese New Year. It was a month ago? Because my paternal grandfather passed away last year October, it's Chinese Custom that we do not celebrate the following Chinese New Year, not supposed to give angpau and so on. 

However, we're not too superstitious, we went on to embrace Chinese New Year, but in a low note. Didn't do much. The Chinese New Year break this year was good because Thian Hong, Ser Siang, Wei Guan made their way back from Australia, Hong Kong and UK respectively! It was Thian Hong's first time celebrating Chinese New Year in Malaysia since he left for Australia in 2006!

Duck, Prawns, Fish, Chicken, Vegetables, Soup - Wholesome dinner  :)
Chinese New Year's Eve Reunion Dinner with the Lums at OUG.


On the first day of Lunar Calendar, we make our way back to my maternal side, at Teluk Intan. 

Chinese New Year at Teluk Intan is becoming more on more interesting ;). With 28 grandchildren, there's never a dull moment at my uncle's place at Teluk Intan.

Very gratifying dinner at Poh Loong - also conveniently celebrate my ah ma's birthday :).

Fortune Pot? The sauce is delicious. The scallops, chicken, pork, mushrooms - delightful!
As I remembered there was a whole chicken, fish maw, herbs and a lot of scallops :)
Sang mee
Halfway through dinner we were entertained with lion dance!
Meet my cool and fit 2nd uncle ;)
The youngsters - aww so cute :)

L-R Foong, myself, Irene, Wai, Ai Wee and Pui Cheng
The 'young girls' - NOTE MY MUM IS OUT OF PLACE :P
I love you ah ma :)

This year, we had a rather formal talent time after the dinner. With cash prizes up for grabs! There were less participation than expected, but nonetheless we still had a good time :)! There were singing, dancing, skate-boarding, football freestyle and magic tricks :)

Foong and I were the emcees for the night :)
Jian Eng skate-boarding and spinning the pillow simultaneously - good balance!
Sze Hong the whiz kid performing 'magic tricks'
Not blessed with much entertaining talent, I performed juggling acts with the football :) - and won 1st runner up (cash prize of RM80 :))
'Volunteer' performers, 2nd uncle and 1st aunt singing a mandarin song together ahah :)
4th uncle from Singapore, flanked by his daughter - sharing a word of advice with his niece and nephews.

The little performers showing off their cash prizes in red packets after their performances :)
Performers for the night with VVIP - ah ma and ah kong :)
Group photo :D
 Seeking blessing by releasing flying lanterns that has wishes written on it :)

The night is still young for the young adults :). Therefore a number of us proceed to McDonalds for supper and a prolonged chit chat session.

Gossip time ;) - had a number of good laughs sharing various stories!

The following day, most of my relatives left Teluk Intan, leaving my family and Irene's family. So, the following day was an outing with my siblings, Jay Sern, Irene and Ai Wee. Catch a movie, went for rojak, ice kacang, played Frisbee and had a long photo-taking session. Good bonding session indeed.

One of the many cookies made by my cousins and aunt :)
Irene tossing the Frisbee!
Jump shot!
The girl that I adore most, my youngest sister :)
Flying Kick with Jay Sern!
Yes, we took pictures till sunset :P

Later that night, we had a mini surprise birthday celebration for my mummy.

Mummy's 47 but still looking good! - All smiles :)
Oh dear, it's 5.50am now. I need to go to bed. Will be blogging soon if I manage to steal time from my busy schedule. See ya :).

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