Thursday, March 31, 2011

Reebok Zigtech Treadmill Challenge at 1 Utama

& the blogging resumes. Damn, my procastination is so severe till I even forgotten the date of the event! Let me see.. Oh yes! 26th Febuary!

Reebok Zigtech treadmill Challenge is simply 48 hour non-stop running on treadmill in attempt to record the highest amount of calories burned collectively. By running an hour each runner are given Reebok and GNC goodies. Among them are Reebok bag, shirt, GNC health supplement, and many more. 

The challenge took place at 1U, with so many people participating - Christine, my brother, Khai Sim, Louis and myself are among the particpants. Each of us are required to put on the very bulky Reebok Zigtech shoes to run.

With the speed range of 10-14km/hour, steepness ranging from 0-2, duration of 60 minutes, I burned 1033 calories. Speaking about calories, do you know a Big Mac contains approximately 550 000 calories. Damn.

This is Christine taking up the 1 hour treadmill challenge at 1am in the morning.

Adjusting the treadmill speed.

The female Reebok Zigtech shoes provided for the run
Menacing behind "running" Christine. She's so good, she can "run" while uploading photos through her iPhone D:
Girls devouring bananas. Naise.
Christine and her supporters x)

I was allocated to the 8am time slot to run. Oh well, at least my situation's better than those who register but couldn't run. Hooha pledged to organize a better one next year :D!

Thian Hong and Christine tagged along to support me for the 1 hour run. So sweet of them waking up so early :).

Rise and shine guys! :D
Having bananas before runs are common as an immediate source of energy. Thian Hong's eating banana because he's just.. hungry :)
Gearing up for the run
& did I mention I loathe the Zigtech shoes? Bulky giler. Almost like a basketball shoe.
While I was running...
& still running..
Thian Hong and Christine entertained themselves by camwhoring;

Potential Reebok ambassador
:O :O

When I'm done, I had my fair share of appearances in the camera too :p

Posing with the shoe that made my feet swell =_=
Redbull Show-men
That's a wrap!

After that, time for breakfast! Thian Hong suggested he should eat Village Park's Nasi Lemak again because it was too good :P

Makes me wanna have a plate now D:
Aaaah heavy breakfast there! Nasi Lemak Ayam Goreng + Ayam Goreng + Milo Dinosaur for Thian Hong's dinosaur appetite :P

Later on, I sent Christine back to her house at SS2. Knowing her house is right behind Edusmart, we decided to drop by because it's been so long since we last pay Uncle Chan and Madam Molly a visit!

But sadly, they weren't around. So we left a door note! Uncle Chan called us later on to thank us for being thoughtful and dropping by. He later added his famous quote "sow and you will reap" and Thian Hong replied with Pn. Molly's famous quote "Yes will study hard if not it will be like digging your own grave" which made Uncle Chan burst into laughter too.

Thian Hong doing the honour of writing the doornote
It says "We love you Pn Molly and Uncle Chan. Lotsa love!" :)
& for procrastinating so long I successfully finished 1 of many blog posts. 

More posts to come :p

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