Friday, April 01, 2011

Michael Bublé's Crazy Love Tour - Malaysia

Do you agree if I said blogging has gone out of fashion? To be honest, I don't think anyone reads my blog anymore. Sadly. However, I'm determined to keep it going, writing my memoirs, and events that I would like to remember for times to come. Wonder when will I actually stop blogging?

A couple of weeks ago some of us were called by Justin to work as usherer/ticket checker for Michael Bublé's concert. The event company is paying us peanuts (RM70), but we were looking forward more to the show. Venue, Stadium Malawati, Shah Alam. Surprisingly the media coverage of the concert wasn't the best? Or was it done on purpose? Concert tickets range from RM300+ to RM1000+.

I was assigned to work at the center zone at the front. Dressed in his trademark suits, he's way more entertaining than I ever thought he is. The opening performance was spectacular. Personally, throughout all of MB's songs, lots of credit do go to Michael Bublé's band. But Michael Bublé's God-like vocal capability just lifted everything to sheer perfection. Not to forget MB has a good sense of humour too! 

He's one heck of a smooth artiste, everyone raptured into madness when he impersonated the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. He sang Billie Jean, danced, moon-walked, grabbed crotch - resembling MJ so much. Michael Bublé is surprisingly good in sliding around the stage and dancing! 

In addition to a number of his own songs he sang, he playfully sang Black Eyed Peas' Tonight is Gonna Be a Good Night, Glee's song, Beatle's. He gracefully mentioned he doesn't all the spectators who paid good money just to watch a concert, he wants them to have fun, party and enjoy it so much more! He definitely made the fans swoon, especially the aunties D:

Damn right we were mesmerized.
The Yue siblings ;)
Benjamin and I - we were assigned to work in the same seating zone. Boy, were we lucky.
Very, very pathetic lunch. Thank God there were an Ayamas truck nearby! 
Among the many usherers who were 'paid' to watch the gig
Stadium Malawati sure do look bigger from the inside.
MB singing my favourite song of his - Home :)
A shout out to all his beloved fans! 
Michael Bublé : "I'm not a sweaty person but I sweat a lot here. Malaysia, I would love to come back again but next time promise to improve the air-conditioning or I'll be dressing like Beyonce (sexy)"
Christine who worked at the VIP zone took this shot, yes he was that close :p.

He also shared a joke, after the fans sing along to his songs, he said,
"You all are giving me goosebumps. You all can sing well. I would love to go to the bathroom with you"*girls going crazy
"What were you thinking? Go to the bathroom to SING together, because the acoustic is good, nothing else"
*girls' hype-ness level decrease but laughed shamelessly haha

One heck of an enjoyable concert. Never a single bit regretted taking up the job to watch MB's brilliant performance. 

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sully86 said...

stumbled upon your blog. I was there too. Did a review and I put up some videos too