Thursday, April 14, 2011

Volunteerism Run 2011 organized by Public Relations (Education) students!

As part of their course structure, Public Relations students are required to run a campaign, and one of them is organizing the Volunteerism Run & Carnival. Initially, I registered for a race namely Sg Long Building run, a competitive race that gives out medal (one of those things I never get bored of). However, something rather 'magical' or some would call it 'tragic', struck me recently. The incident that struck me made me feel like a small kiddo finally found his favourite long lost pillow. 

Sheer joy.

Ask me about it if you wanna know in details.


Volunteerism run, which was held at Tronoh Mines Village slight off Kampar, is supposedly a charity run, non-competitive which the proceedings will go to building of a new library there. Noble cause by the Public Relations team. The Public Relations team possibly stamp their mark in Tronoh Mines history as the place never had an event or function of such magnitude - with so many people visiting Tronoh Mines. The Public Relations team practically just added Tronoh Mines in the 'personal map' of so many people as people are more aware of its existence.

Just right before the flag off of the run at the starting point, we were informed there are prizes for top 5 positions. My eye brows were raised cause as I was expecting a casual run. Anyway, I finished 5th in this 5km race, which was below the expectations of many. Competition for top places are getting stiffer, races will get better. Looking forward to race again to do better :). 

The CF running gang and I - early in the morning before the sun rises

Here are a few scenic shots of the Tronoh Mines village ;

Sun rise!


The starting line - some school somewhere in Tronoh 

1000 runners.. well done to the PR team for fishing so many participants :)
Pang!  - the village chief doing the honour

Running through the oil palm plantation
Smiling to the cheers by the water station :)
Sprinting to the finishing line!
Finish! :D
Guess who clinched 1st place for the female category? - the Block H cafeteria aunty :O
Resting and filling up survey forms
The carnival consist of games, food stalls, exhibitions etc.
Taking shelter by the ambulance :P
The prize won - Yee Hup sponsored biscuits. Later on I won a food steamer from lucky draw :).
Participants spectating the performances arranged.
Miau Miau (the actress from Ice Kacang Puppy Love) among the artist who entertained us and got us giggling.

There a brief post, got to rush off to gym now. Tata!


aries_gal said...

OMG... thank Meng Leong for the wonderful post..

your post could actually helped us in our evaluation. and congrats for winning both the run and also lucky draw..haha

MengLeong said...

You're welcome, you sharing my feedback of the event. Well done for organizing the run.. :)