Friday, April 29, 2011

Energizer Night Race - my 2nd 42km Full Marathon

Energizer Night Race 2011, despite being held at the majestic Sepang International F1 Circuit, it somewhat turned out to be a catastrophe. The discomfort, dissatisfaction, anxiety has led to participants venting their anger on the Internet such as this website on Facebook.

No point going too long-winded it since most of you probably read/watched video about the chaotic event :P.  From a personal point of view, my second 42km full marathon during was fine. I would change my description from 'fine' to 'great!' if it wasn't for the fact there are poor road marshals, cow dungs, and sighting of non-pleasant people :). Running 42km at the outside route made me miss all the chaos and drama happened near the finishing pit. When I came back 4 hours 56 minutes later, I was greeted by a dead town, with organizers or officials barely within sight. Going home empty handed (we were promised finisher t-shirt, medals, goodie bags) made me walk off heavy-heartedly in addition to my extremely fatigued legs. Energizer Malaysia took proactive action towards this 'fun run', pledging to post the respective goodies as well as refunding the fees. That is one bold appropriate move and kudos to Energizer Malaysia for taking the action to rectify matters.

On a positive note, I went with good company that night. I had Louis, Khai Sim, Hoong Yeap, Khit Yeng and Kaartig waited (patiently :P) and cheer me when I dashed my way though the finishing line. So nice right :).

This marathon, I was slightly better equipped, ate 1 Power bar, had 2 Power gels along the run and applied Vaseline around my thigh. The Vaseline simply reduces friction behind your pants and thighs to prevent scrapped skin that would be so damn painful. Having Gatorade every station was great! I think Gatorade simply rehydrates better, sorry (50+50) Plus - but I love to drink you too. 

Did I mention the Sepang Circuit is HUGE? When we returned from the outer route back to the circuit, we had ran like 36km already so I'm pretty exhausted by then and being greeted by a Sepang circuit that seems to never end almost break my heart. It was like baking-a-cake-that-never-turns-out-right/spending-hours-in-the-toilet-suffering-from-constipation/having-unreturned-love. Yes, it was that saddening. Glad I finished it anyway :).

Did anyone realize the moon was oh-so-beautifully bright that night? - makes it so hard to think and motivated by - you ;)

Fantastic Four ready to save the day
Heeee all smiles before the race.
Getting ready... - putting on the timing chip
Louis passing me a Power gel, sweet fella. Oh did I mention I love my car? :)
The sea of frustrated participants. Goodie bags were thrown to the crowd like the organizers were tossing fish food to the fish pond.
Sprinting to the finishing line with every ounce of energy I have left
MISSION ACCOMPLISHED - 2nd 42km Full Marathon under my belt ;)
with Khai Sim and Khit Yeng. Don't be fooled by my expression I was dead tired!

Group shot before we all head homeeeeeee.
Hello guys, meet Kaartig with trannies behind him while we were having dipper(dinner + supper) at Williams.

Turning my attention to my next 42km full marathon at Standard Chartered International Kuala Lumpur Marathon this coming 26th June. Weeee.

Before that, I've got 4 more final examination papers to sit for after finishing one this morning. Still I am here, blogging :p.

Going to run to Tanjung Tualang later on, to clear my mind before wrestling down International Finance, Commercial Banking Management and Banking Operation Treasury Management which figuratively resembles a very huge sumo wrestler to me. Beef it up, Meng Leong!
We'll make it through ;).

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